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Free Online Tax Return Filing

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Adam Said:

hello guys i want to ask is it posible to print my tax return from last year online.?

We Answered:

If you are needing last years (2008) tax return for financial aid, your copy is usually not sufficient for proof of income.
If you do need it for financial aid contact IRS at 1-800-829-0922 or 1-800-0829-8374 to have IRS mail you a return transcript. A return transcript is a transcript of all the information you provided on your tax return. The transcript is proof of filing and proof of income.
Or visit your local IRS copy for the transcript, take a picture ID with you. The transcript is FREE. If you seriously need a copy of your tax return then visit IRS website and download Form 4506 and pay the $57 fee. The form for the transcript can also be downloaded from the IRS website and the form is Form 4506T. It will take appropriately 7-20 days to receive the transcript, and a copy of the actual tax return can and usually will take up to 60 days.
Good luck! If that is not the reason for wanting a copy of your tax return, then I don't know how to obtain it online from the website you used to file the return. Your Ad Here

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