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Edna Said:

How can I earn money online through a legitimate business model? Any ideas/experiences?

We Answered:

This probably isn't exactly what you're looking for, but it could work. There is a site called Neobux that pays you to click on ads. After you have signed up to the site you are able to rent referrals. Referrals cost 25 cents per month (or something around there, it varies with the amount you buy at a time). You can put as much money as you want into the site and purchase referrals. Every time your referral clicks on an ad they will get you .5 cents, or 1 cent if you pay extra money to become a "gold member". Every day your referral has at least 4 ads to click on. (Sometimes more but never less.) If they click the ads every day they will make you between 2 and 4 cents every day. In a month that is approximately 60-120 cents. (You see that you will want to be a gold member to up your profits). Since you paid only 25 cents to use them for the month, you are making a huge return.

I know you're probably thinking, there's no way this is true, everyone would be doing it if it was. Well the thing is it isn't easy, and you won't be making that much money per month. You see, some of your referrals will stop clicking on ads during the month. (The referrals are always active when neobux gives them to you, but they sometimes quit during the month). You will have to recycle these referrals, meaning you pay 8 cents and neobux gives you a new active referral for your inactive one. This will require work every day because you will have to go through your referrals and see which ones haven't been active in a while, meaning you should probably recycle them.

Here is an example of the money you could be making. Say you buy 1 referral for 25 cents at the start of the month. Unfortunately, you have to recycle it because it stops clicking. This costs you another 8 cents, so your cost for the month was 33 cents. (*By the way referral prices go down if you buy them in larger bundles, so you may not even pay that*). Since you are a gold member the referral makes you $1.20. You just made an $0.87 cent profit in that month with one referral. Now imagine you bought 1000 referrals. You would be making $870 a month of PURE PROFIT if you on recycled each referral an average of one time per month. You could just keep on scaling this up to make larger amounts of money. *This sounds lucrative but you will have to be doing work as well. Every day you will have to check for inactive referrals. Luckily you won't have to go through all 1000 by hand, neobux has built in tools and will automatically show you any referrals that haven't clicked that day.

If you want to try out this method and see the site you can sign up here:

I have had friends who did this method. I know one guy (he lives like a block away from me) who didn't invest at all, but he slowly built up to have something like 500 referrals, although I'm not really sure of the exact amount. When he first started out he made four cents a day just clicking on the ads that the website showed him. He built up to 75 cents and invested in 3 referrals. Again he started clicking and with his referrals helping he made money faster. He bought three more referrals. He just kept on building up, not investing any money at all into the site, and eventually he was making $30 per day. I've never managed that many referrals, but I can't imagine it took him more than half an hour per day to click his own ads and recycle his referrals that weren't clicking. This could truly be a great way to make money.

Angela Said:

I am looking for a legitimate online business?

We Answered:

Hello Ma'am I admire what you do, that is a job in itself. My name is Joey Quiles, I own Infinite Horizons World Travel and I have the perfect answer for you... the Travel Industry!! It is very profitable, you can do it on a part-time basis, you can do it from home, it's a lot of fun and the company is very reputable. The company is called YTB, it was started by a pastor of 40 years, it's publicly traded on the NYSE and the American Exchange and it grew 300% last year alone. The benefits are incredible and the compensation plan is copy written therefore one-of-a-kind. So I encourage you to do some research on YTB and you will be pleasantly surprised and shocked (I know I was). Feel free to e-mail me at and we'll talk more about it. I promise you this can change your life, but... only if you let it. Take care and I will talk to you soon.

Derek Said:

Is there a honest or legitimate online business out there???

We Answered:

An excellent source for finding a legitimate home-based business is to check out Direct Selling Association (DSA) at DSA is the national trade association of the leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers.

My advice is to go where the money is and that is travel. Travel is a $7.1 billion industry and growing every day. A Baby Boomer is retiring every 8 seconds and the first thing they want to do is travel. The average family in the United States spends $4,200 annually on travel. This is why my wife and I started our own online travel business. We’ve looked for years for a home based business and this is the first thing that made sense to us. The best part is that it sells itself. All you have to do is tell people about it. The industry commissions are already built in. You can also learn to save thousands on your taxes and travel wholesale instead of retail. The company that we work through is publicly traded, SEC regulated, has a $6,000 guarantee, and even offers health insurance. They even send their top agents on a cruise to the Bahamas. No one else does this. We love this business!

Leona Said:

Does anyone know of a legitimate online business?

We Answered:

Yes I agree with you. So many fake companies out there in the internet even in Ebay or Amazone. Don't trust any bull&*(t in the web that offering you business at home. Absolutely bull&*(t they are. Lately so money scam artists are offering sweeptakes, money loundry, and etc, please be carefull with that. The origin of email is from europe and africa.

Most likely any company that are registered at a trade source should be legitimate because trade source is not cheap and they will investigate the company before selling but the problem is that you can not do business in retail, at least your class is around wholeseller or trading company.

The best thing to do business is trading - affiliate - agency (middle man). Find most demanded products in your area/country and get cheaper source outside worlwide and offer to some companies that need the products badly. You may learn it at or made in Enjoy!

Elsie Said:

What's the best way to investigate an online home business to see if it's legitimate?

We Answered:

The legitimate home businesses stopped hiring in 2007. Only the scammers and spammers are left. Avoid them all.
There are 200 of these online businesses opening every day. They take advantage of all the people who have been hurt by the recession.
Try ( I don't work for them and the site is free to use).

Bernard Said:

Is there anyone looking for a legitimate online business?

We Answered:

Hello, I'm Jerome -a work at home dad-

Yes there are many, as you've heard. Depending if you have a product or service in mind these links will give you PDF manuals 9 pages and 6 pages. There are the do's and don'ts before you decide. These will help you greatly. And Yay! It;s not an ad or a promotion. Just great knowledge.


1. Here's the easiest, most natural way to sign people up--- it’s called "Sales Without Selling", and it works for you no matter what your business is:

2. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST FOCUS ON A PRODUCT. Not only does that make it easier for you, there are several legal reasons to do so. Every legitimate business opportunity should want you to focus your attention on the product. Here’s a simple, “common sense” way to do that right now with ANY PRODUCT:

Hope those help. Please tell me what you think after you read them.


Lillie Said:

How do u know if an online business is legitimate?

We Answered:

check the better business bureau. it's at . you can enter the business name & they'll tell what complaints there are against the company. Your Ad Here

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