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Christina Said:

shall i start bachelore degree in business studies or i better do mba? am 37 years old?

We Answered:

I'm assuming you already have a bachelor's in a career field. So I think a bachelor's in business would be a waste of time, especially as it would probably take even longer than an MBA. If you meet the requirements for an MBA, then go for it. I heard about that online MBA from the University of Liverpool as well through ads. But I'm not sure if it's any good. Why would they advertise it so much otherwise to every random user on the internet.

Stacey Said:

What are the pros and cons of having an online MBA?

We Answered:

My personal experience as both a student and an instructor has been excellent in an online environment. Of course, I am only referring to fully accredited institutions.

I earned my MBA and almost finished my PhD through hybrid programs. Most of the course work was done via asynchronous online methods. If you think about graduate work is mostly research. I would not be teaching college and consulting all over without it. Plus, the paper does not say ONLINE. I would recommend pursuing a degree from an accredited institution that offers a campus experience as well. This does not mean that you will go to campus, but who will know?

I always have three recommendations for everyone looking into online/distance education. They all have to do with exploring after all you have to defend your assets.

1. Make certain that you have triple checked their accreditation. First, they tell you what it is, then you go to that accrediting bodies website (not through the link provided by the school), and thirdly you would visit the department of education to see what they have to say. Do your diligent research into the institutions once you have narrowed down to a couple. You can look at the Better Business Bureau for more information of the college.

2. You must have extreme self motivation and be able to teach yourself per say. This means that you will not have someone telling you verbally, so it is up to you to get the information from the course room, text, and other resources. The best way to look at it is like a guided independent study course.

3. Review your goals, personal and professional. Make sure that the school that you are going to offers the programs that match your goals. Do not settle. There are many programs that are similar, but you have to make the ultimate decision. Do not let be based on finances and length of program, but the fact that when you are finished or near finished you will be able to assume your proper place in the career field sought.

You should market yourself and not the degree or university. There are many traditional universities offering degrees that can be earned through online methods. Look at that if you are truly concerned with the name of the school. Good luck on your search!

Marion Said:

WHat are some of the better business schools? Are any schools that allow MBA through net good?

We Answered:

You can find business school rankings below.

An MBA from a top program will bet you a six-figure salary, An MBA from a ranked school outside the top 20 will increase your salary. An MBA from an unranked MBA program won't do much more for you than an undergraduate business degre. An MBA from an online For Profit university will probably decrease your opportunities.

Some top schools have programs that include distance learning components (e.g., Duke's GEMBA program and Cross-Continent program combine in-class sessions with distance learning). But stay away from the Online Universities unless you want to pay a lot of money for a degree that is worthless.

Nicholas Said:

MBA or Doctorate in business, which one gives you more money?

We Answered:

Given your background, I would say that a good, high-quality MBA would be much more valuable to you than the online DBA. The DBA online 2 year program will not appeal to most people in the academic world, and will sound like overkill to people in the business world. You ought to go up-market for your MBA, though. Apply to top programs and see if you can get in to Harvard or something. Then you'd be able to name your own price.

Tanya Said:

Online MBA - Does anyone have any real world experience with how these degrees are viewed by employers?

We Answered:

We're one of the largest employers in the state and we accept regionally accredited degrees, regardless of delivery format.

If you want an online MBA with more name recognition, look at Penn States or U Illinois just announced they were kicking off their online program. Your Ad Here

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