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Online Business Review

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Jon Said:

steps to take when deciding to start an online business?

We Answered:

Here are the steps you need to take when creating your online business:

STEP 1: Set Your Goals - Why do you want a web site? What is the size of the online market? What are the goals for your website?

STEP 2: Develop Your Web Site Strategy - Who is your website target audience? What typically appeals to your target audience? How are the other websites (your competition) reaching out to this target audience? How will you measure your performance?

STEP 3: Set-Up Implementation Plans - What name will you give to your site? How do you envision the design of your web site? How will you create your website? How will you create your content? How will you maintain your website?

STEP 4: Start the Ball Rolling - Do you have a logo? For e-retailers, do you have the critical components needed to run an e-commerce site? How are you going to host your site?

STEP 5: Create and Launch Your Web Site - Have you uploaded your site with your chosen web host provider? Are the scripts and application you need for your website functioning well? Have you tested your website?

STEP 6: Promote Your Web Site and Measure Its Results - Do you have a plan in place to market your website? Do you regularly review your traffic logs and web site performance tracker? How are you going to get sites to link to you? Do you know the search engine keywords that you rank well? If your site is not visible in the search engine results pages for its keywords, what strategies do you intend to do?

STEP 7: Maintain Your Website and Grow Your Web Business - Continue to find ways to grow your web business. How do you intend to continue your education on web development?

Glen Said:

What is a good online business school?

We Answered:

There are many, many online business programs out there. As far as recognition, people outside of the education and HR realms sometimes confuse online degrees with fraudalent or easy degrees.

1st of all, any program you enter should be regionally accredited. Regional accreditation shows that the school has passed a review process that will help ensure that your credits will transfer to other schools and that you are eligible to sit for licensing exams such as the CPA, CMA, etc.

Regional accreditation will also qualify for military and governmental guidelines. Be sure to check here before you enroll:

Regionally accredited Online degrees are the same accreditation as other schools. However, online schools lack the prestige or name recognition of traditional on ground schools. For alot of military people and working adults, online degrees are the only option.

As far as choices, here are just some to looking to:

DeVry University
Franklin University
Kaplan University
Davenport University Online

I would avoid University of Phoenix due to the extremely high cost for no noticeable benefit.

Myrtle Said:

Where do I go to read and share reviews about companies doing business online?

We Answered:

go to the Better Business Bureau's site at Also, check this site out for more info on business online:… Your Ad Here

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