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Starting An Online Business

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Velma Said:

How to start online business? Do you have to register or pay before starting an online business? Is it free?

We Answered:

My suggestion is to do some research on the subject before starting. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary of State, the Small Business Administration. Read up on it -- go to your local library, check Amazon, etc. Write a business plan -- there are plenty of books available on this subject.

Prior to investing your time, money & effort into an online business name, it is strongly advised that comprehensive research be conducted to ensure that the name you're interested in is truly available.

This entails searching the pending & registered Federal and State trademark files as well as the US National Common-Law files. Then, if clear, you can decide if you would like to file for a Federal or a State trademark.

Research is needed to make sure your trade name is legally available, before opening, before expansion, before incorporation or before designing your logo. Similarities in sound, appearance and meaning affect you too!

There are 16+ million trade names in use in the United States. Similar names matter, if close in sound, appearance or meaning. Similar names in related classes, distribution channels and customer matter too. You are affected by Common Law use (14 million), State Trademarks (500,000) and Federal Trademarks (2 million).

Martin Said:

What are your tips and tricks to starting an online business?

We Answered:

To make an online business successful, you must know what you are doing. You can't just walk through your business owning days blindly. That won't work. You also have to love what you are doing. If not, you will become bored and even find that you aren't caring or putting enough effort into it as you should be.

To start an online business, of course you must first establish the business. You will need at least these for things: 1. dba. 2. ein. 3. Seller's permit. 4. business license.
Then, you will need a domain (, website, host, shopping cart/ merchant account, etc. You can either pay someone to design the website for you (which I HIGHLY recommend if you are not good with html or css codes), or you can use a template. If you use a designer, they will let you know what shopping carts and hosting will work best with the website they created.

I got my inspiration for my business because I realized that only I can live out my dreams. I realized that I can't work for someone else and always have my ideas put into action, or even be heard! I took a business class and fell in love. I found myself wanting to know everything about it, and actually reading business text books in my spare time.

I am not very creative with my hands, so I purchase my products from wholesalers. I love to shop, and shopping for my store, even sorting inventory, is really rewarding for me!

I market my products a few different ways. Word of mouth is a huge way!! Some how, my business almost always can be brought up in a conversation just by chance. Of course, I carry plenty of business cards around with me to hand out. I have email marketing through a subscription. I offer promotional items with my business name on it as well. There are many other things.

I did not have the time to learn how to do web design, and I wanted my website to be very customizable to my needs and wants. I knew that a template wouldn't give me what I needed. I looked around for a web designer and glanced at many portfolios until I found one that I liked. I got VERY lucky to find a designer that offered a shopping cart in the one time fee.
Shopping carts can get very expensive, the price goes up with the more products you get. I don't have to pay a monthly fee.

I would say that my business probably takes up a large chunk of my time during the week, including weekends. My work does not stop during the weekends. But, I got very lucky because I still have time to do things that I like... even though taking care of my business is probably my favorite thing to do. I still find time to see my friends and spend time with my family often.

Good Luck

Lucy Said:

Starting an online business from home?

We Answered:

One online business you can start from home is Affiliate Marketing. Basically you would earn a commission on any products and services you sell online for various companies.

If you have an interest in learning more check out my website below:

Under the Book Reviews tab there will be a link for Affiliate Marketing. You won't get rich overnight but 5 figures in your 1st year is possible assuming you have the personality for online marketing and put forth the required effort initially to set everything up.

If your personality is not geared towards Affiliate Marketing please sign up to be on my mailing list as I just created the site today and will be adding a good amount of content to the site over the days and weeks ahead.

Find whatever fits your personality and the rest will follow. The trick is finding something you are passionate about. Hopefully my site helps, if not I wish you luck finding your niche.

Zachary Said:

Starting an online business, but how do I get products?

We Answered:

You can start an online business with no investment just have a look at this site.

Edgar Said:

When starting an online business is there any permits etc. that need to be gotten?

We Answered:

you don't have to charge taxes for online purchases, however you might want to register yourself as a business in your city/state/county. it's not too expensive, but it gives you a tax id number for filing purposes. but if all you're going to do is online--exclusively--i wouldn't be in a big rush to register, honestly. but remember, that if you don't, you also can't get reimbursed for any expenses that you have, and if it's the only job you're going to have, you might want to be able to prove that at some point.

Tara Said:

Legalities of starting an online business?

We Answered:

What you will need strictly depends on what type of business you will be running. For most purposes you don’t need to retain an attorney, but you will want to know how and where to find a lawyer quickly should need arise. Permits are usually required only if you will be receiving the public for any reason. It’s obvious from your question that you don’t want your business to be an underground operation, so there are at least two things that you should consider; a business license (usually under $30 and available from your secretary of state) and a rider on your homeowner insurance policy (or a separate policy) to cover your business equipment, inventory etc. Online businesses are subject to power outages server malfunctions, computer theft etc. The right insurance policy can help cover the losses. Your Ad Here

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