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Christian Said:

Can someone help me with an online business?

We Answered:

Sorry to tell you, but your not going to be able to start a business for free. Businesses cost money to start and run. That's a fact of life! Businesses give you the opportunity to make what you want to make, but you have to be willing to do what it takes to make the income you want.
If you really want to go into business, the least expensive way, but with the same income opportunity is a home based business. Plenty of opportunities out there in several different industries in which you can collaborate with (don't let that word scare you), make the same amount of income as a traditional business, but with out the over head expenses. So many different industries to look at. Most home based businesses don't cost thousands of dollars. In fact, most home based businesses cost under $500.
Also understand that businesses take time to build. The income doesn't start pouring in over night. You have to really work and build a business. You can make a sufficient amount of income within a month or so, but you got to put the time and effort and do what it takes to have a successful business. If your not willing to do that, then don't go into business, get a home job that pays minimum wage.

Sam Said:

What would you suggest a type of business opportunities that would enable you to acquire wealth getting into?

We Answered:

If there were a 100% true way of building wealth, wouldn't everyone be in it already??? The wealthy people with the answers for you aren't on Yahoo Answers and the people who are here are looking for the same answers you are seeking. Wealth comes by setting realistic goals and running a business the very best way you can. Every millionaire has made their fortunes in different ways so there is money for you in whatever you decide upon. Write down those goals and you'll be more apt to achieve them.

Eddie Said:

Help with designing a business website?

We Answered:

I am in the process of building my own website. I don't have near the education with computers you do, but this web building product is so fantastic.

Here is where I came across the ad. I would just tell you the name, but i am not sure If I would be violating Yahoo rules by giving company name.

Go to : low-cost-stock-recommendations


Click on the "About This Site" Button at the bottom of the Navigation Bar.

This is not my site. This is where I came across the product. I am so thankful I did.

I now do something I absolutely enjoy from my home. Work is not work anymore.

The product I purchased to help me start my home business is used in several Universities across the USA to teach students how to start home businesses. It is top notch.

The company offers information so thorough that anyone can do it. The support is fantastic. It is inexpensive. You get so much for so little.

I have done it, and I am so thankful I came across this opportunity. I will NEVER send in money to one of those scams again. LOL They have got enough of my cash.

Good Luck and give it a look

Gene Said:

Is it possible to build your own business with a high school degree in Singapore?

We Answered:

Yes, you may be right that a degree may not guarantee success in the real world but it is just so much harder without it! Of course, there are people who do well without having to go thru college BUT people do not go to college only to study what's in the textbooks. Part of the reason why companies hire graduates is because they want to know that you have enough discipline to put yourself through those 4years, coupled with your studying, social activities & projects, you are still able to pull through at the end of it. I have met some brilliant people who did not go through college but for them to get to the same position as a graduate in the corporate world, it will just take them much more time or perhaps no such opportunity is ever given.

Of course, you are asking about building your own business here in Singapore, & Singapore is a society that values education heavily. Which is why you would see the long list of abbreviations people attach on their namecards of their scholastic achievements. I wish I could say otherwise, but having a degree will definitely help here.

It also depends on the type of business you are going to be doing. If you are simply going to open a small shop to sell accessories/clothes, then yes, your high school degree is probably enough. But if you want to turn a coffee shop into a chain of franchises such as Ya Kun, then you would either need to put yourself through school, or hire people who have the academic backgrounds & experiences to run in line with yours.

Academic+Experience+Foresight will take companies very far.

I always encourage people to keep updating their internal software. Go for courses, take classes, read more, talk to more people. If you close up the option for continuation learning for life, & depend on only experience alone, then we will be back to Singapore in the beginning. Without our intellects as a nation, we may have to go back to being factory workers or selling Kachang Puteh on streets.

Leslie Said:

Is it possible to build a home internet business with Success University?

We Answered:

Try researching it in the Business Opportunity Search Engine

Your results from the community powered Business Opportunity Search Engine are much more focused than a general search engine and they will continue to learn and adapt, anonymously and automatically, based on the search behavior of every search you request.


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