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Cory Said:

I have done personal taxes for years. What should I do to start my own tax preparation business?

We Answered:

You will need to become certified by completing and passing a certified tax course. Once completed you may need to join a professional orginazation but that depends in what state you are in. You are required to carry bond insurance. You will need to apply for tax id numbers for federal and state purposes. Then comes the time to purchase your tax hardware so you can be set up for electronic filing. After all of the above you can finally hang your sign. Thereafter to maintain your status as a certified tax preparer, you must have a certain number of hours of tax education every two years.

Albert Said:

Which tax preparation software is the best for preparing taxes for my friends and family and why?

We Answered:

You need to buy PROFESSIONAL tax software if you are charging these friends and family.

The personal editions limit you to 5 returns and immedidate family members only.

Ivan Said:

About how much are government fees and taxes,dealer document preparation,and emission testing charge for cars?

We Answered:

In CA, taxes vary by county. You need to know what your county rate is to get an accurate number. Reg fees are based on the market value of the car. $9988 isn't the market value. It's the selling price. You need to find out what the state says the car value is.

Doc fees are capped at $45 in CA. No dealer should charge you more. If they do, they're in violation of the law. And as for emissions test, that is the seller's responsibility. Not the buyers. So either the private party or the dealer has to absorb that cost. Not you.

All said and done, your $1512 should be more than enough to cover all the fees. In fact, it most likely will be less.

Ross Said:

Accounting Help Needed. This is income statement preparation where I need to find out what the income taxes ar

We Answered:

Income 384,000

- Advertising 15,000
- Supplies 46,000
- Rent 10,000
- Utilities 3,000
- Misc. 4,400
- Salaries 61,000
Total Expenses 139,400

Income before taxes 244,600
Income Tax Rate 30%
Income taxes 73,380
Net Income 171,220

Ignore anything that is not income or expense in this case. They probably gave you extra information that meant nothing in this case to see that you could figure out what info you needed.
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