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Warren Said:

how much is google selling stock for per share?

We Answered:

ever heard of
Like the other guy said, it closed @ 457
after trading as low as 450/sh earlier in the day
Why, do you want to buy some shares?
I wouldn't, unless you hope to lose some money
The stock is in a downtrend
The relative strenght of google is very low
You should only buy stocks that are strong
Google is weak
Besides, we are in a bear market now
A good way to lose money is to buy shares when there is a bear market
Why not sell google short and make money

Ben Said:

Need help finding a stock quote from years ago!?

We Answered:

Go to google finance and type in STT. Use the interactive chart and scroll back until see the date that you received the stock.…

Tyrone Said:

If the google stocks open at 350$ but in that trading day not one investor will buy or sell the google stock..?

We Answered:

What is reported as the price of a stock is usually the price at which the last trade occurred. If no trade took place in a trading session, the "last" price would not change.

For an example, look at the historical prices of BDMS on Yahoo at .

You can see that on October 15 there were no trades but the "Open" "High" "Low" and "Close" prices are all equal to the close quote from the previous day.

On any stock that is that illiquid the "last" quote is of limited value. You need to look at the "bid" and "ask" quotes to see what the current market for the stock is.

Wade Said:

How do I connect to real-time stock market data?

We Answered:

You may need permission from the SEC to provide real-time stock data.

NYSE OpenBook programs already provide real time quotes
You can also get real time quotes from CNBC and Google Finance Beta (per NYSE website).

If you find anything additional, let me know.

Shirley Said:

on the google finace chart for stock quote what does Beta mean?

We Answered:

Beta is a technological term for a test prototype version of an upcoming piece of software in this case the Google Finance Charts, usually BETA versions are released to test out the software and with the help of the public iron out bugs within the product prior to final release. Test versions come in stages starting with Alpha.

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