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Gordon Said:

Is there anywhere on the internet I can find a list of daily stock quotes like they list in the newspapers?

We Answered:

here is a sample for the new york stock exchange

Joann Said:

how can download daily or weekly database from new york stock exchange?

We Answered:

If you go here you can get S&P stock quotes for up to a year back

Ashley Said:

a list that shows the abreviations used on the new york stock exchange ticker?

We Answered:

If you go to, there is a search box at the top of the page with a "Get Quotes" box next to it. Type in the name of your company, and you will get information about the company, including the NYSE abbreviation.

Patsy Said:

I need stock information for CVS pharmacy?

We Answered:

Go to
Yahoo! Finance
Type in CVS in "get quote"

All of the answers are there. Read their profile. Should take you 5 minutes.

1. Is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
See #23:…

2. Is growth stock…

3. Has a consistent history of paying dividends and a dividend is planned. Quarterly dividends are typically paid in February, May, August and November.…

4. Has been traded since December 17, 1984…

Debbie Said:

Does a NYSE Composite Index price/share of $7K translate to "the New York Stock Exchange is at 7000 points"?

We Answered:

The NYSE Composite (NYSE: NYA) is a stock market index covering all common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange, including American Depositary Receipts, Real Estate Investment Trusts, tracking stocks, and foreign listings. Over 2,000 stocks are covered in the index, of which over 1,600 are from United States corporations and over 360 are foreign listings.

The quoted price or level of any index, whether the Dow or the S&P or the NYSE index, cannot be equated to dollars. Hypothetically, if the S&P 500 index still contained the original 500 stocks listed, you could add up the price of the stocks in the average and divide by 500 and get an average price in dollars. But because of stock splits, delistings and additions to the index over time, a divisor is used to prevent gaps in the price level of the index, and no longer represents an average price of the stocks. It is merely a level in points, from which changes can be measured, to be used as a proxy for the condition of the stock market as a whole.

All it means is that the NYSE was down 26 points for the day (not dollars), for a change of -0.3%.

Carmen Said:

Is there a number that can tell me stock prices?

We Answered:

Do the following Yahoo search and you'll have your answer:

"mobile phone stock quotes"

(I was going to give you an erotic phone sex number as a joke, but I don't want to get reported for abuse)

Brandy Said:

How do you read and interpret the information on the Stock Market

We Answered:

Great question May, but your best answer lies in a book that can show you examples of what is what. Different papers list stocks in different ways, different quote systems have different meanings as well.
Understand that all companies that are public, have a symbol, that is the way to look that company up. 3 letters or less is a NYSE or ASX stock, that is a New York Stock Exchange or American Stock Exchange stock, a company with 4 or more letters is NASDAQ or bullentin board, or pink sheet stock. Some additonal letters have specific meaning as well. So for example PFE is the symbol of Pfizer, a pharmacetucial company that trades on the NYSE, in fact it is one of the 30 stocks in the DJII ( Dow Jones Industrial Index). MSFT is mmicrosoft and it trades on the NASDAQ also a Dow Jones stock ( one of the 30 on the DJII ). Then the ticker you are reading with include the price of the stock, the opeining price, the day's lowest price , the days highest price, yesterday's closing price, the PE ratio
(price to earnings), Dividents Paid, yield that the dividend is equal to, the bid, the ask, the last trade, the amount of shares on the bid, the amount of shares on the ask, last dividend date, volume, size of the last trade,EPS ( Earnings per share),highest price of the stock in the last 52 weeks, the lowest price of the stock in the last 52 weeks, news, and more depending on the quotron you use. So get a book that will explain it all and show you where the different things show up, or buy Barrons on Saturday, they explain thier stock quote page very well.
Good luck, May!
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