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Tara Said:

how do used car dealers sell car with 1000 down delivers?

We Answered:

Sounds like you have a bad credit rating.

They will process your details using their third party service and this could be any financial service which they are tied up with..

Bank/Financial interest rates differ on vehicle, model, down payment, years of repayment and your credit rating as well as bank rate and etc.

You can register yourself at,… (similar services can be found if you google) to see how your credit rating report looks like (this report is just what any financial organisation see when they want to see your credit rating)

Good Luck :)


Reginald Said:

how safe is to send copies of my credit card, identity card and card statement either by email or by fax?

We Answered:

Not at all. You are handing over all of the components someone would need to commit identity theft. There is no reason anyone should be asked for these things, especially a silly reason as a "blacklisted" country. Every country has unsavory citizens, and no smart business would blacklist a whole country and cut off all of the law-abiding citizens.

Mae Said:

Bought software and I can't believe customer support just threatened me.?

We Answered:

This is kind of extreme; but most software sales are non refundable. I doubt they can make much of an impact on your credit report or your life in general if you continue to press for a refund.

Phyllis Said:

What Is The Difference Between Web Creation Software and Shopping Cart Software? Please help.?

We Answered:

Paypal gateways offer more then just accepting paypal, they accept all forms of payment. Tax can be set up in you paypal profile to be automatically added.

Unfortunately because you don't know much about web design, you will be stuck most likely using a templates and have limited features.

Web Easy Professional and Shopsite Pro are to different softwares. WEP-for web design. Shopsite Pro-for template and adds shopping cart. Both kinda lame.
There are limitations to customization this way.

Brent Said:

What should I do when asked to apply for corporate credit card?

We Answered:

Your personal credit has nothing to do with your company corporate card. DO NOT REFUSE to get a company corporate card. For most large corporations management employees who travel for work related reasons are required to put all expenses on the company card. Check your expense and reimbursement policy at your company - you may find that an employee who uses their personal credit card to pay for a company expense may be REFUSED reimbursement. LIkewise, an employee who uses the corporate card to purchase personal items/services can be immediately dismissed.

As a management employee you will most likely be responsible to submit your expenses each month via an AP system that will be sent for approval by your immediate supervisor. This is how payments are process automatically.

It is a corporate card so legally you cannot be held liable for charges on the card if you do not pay; however, you can be fired for misuse of the card and you would not want to have a bad reputation that goes along with that. Your Ad Here

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