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Credit Report Ratings

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Sarah Said:

Why are all companies allowed access to your credit report? What can be done to limit access?

We Answered:

First, businesses don't have access to your credit file unless you give them permission.

Second, businesses pay to see your credit report; you get a copy for free every year.

Third, credit bureaus are in another business that screens pre-approved offers and mailing lists, without actually giving out your information. You can contact th bureaus an opt out of these screenings.

Ian Said:

How long do negative things stay on your credit report?

We Answered:

Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Federal law) derogatory accounts show for 7-years from the date of first delinquency which normally works out to 7-years and 180-days.

They should drop off by themselves after this time line expires but if they don't all you have to do is dispute them with the credit bureaus and they will be removed.

Bankruptcy's show for 10-years if they are chapter 7 and 7-years if they are chapter 13.

The only thing that differs would be a judgment they show for either 7-years or until the statute of limitations runs out whichever is longer so this varies by State and in some States judgments can be renewed.

As far as good accounts go they can show for as long as the lenders continue to report them, I have several on my reports that are well over 12-years old.

Bessie Said:

When can you remove items from your credit report?

We Answered:

You personally cannot remove anything from your credit report, it has to be done by the international credit agency. If there is something you wish to have removed then you must apply to them and they will consult the company that issued the default and they decide if the debt may follow you or to let it go. In Australia it is Baycorp Advantage that hold credit ratings.

Anita Said:

How do I recove money owed on a broken lease? Can I put it on a credit report? Can I go to small claims court?

We Answered:

its best either to speak to a debt collection agency and pay a fee, or do it yourself. none of the above are as simple as they may sound. the debtor may simply have no money. nor do debtors give a damn about their credit report, they consider their credit ratings a lost cause.

what you really want to do is garnish a debtor's wages if he has any. for now you must maintain a good report with him and work with him on his problem. if you cant do that, go to an agency but mind they only have a 40% success rate, even with all the tools mentioned above and many more at their disposal.

Ellen Said:

How can I get my name dropped off a credit card so it falls off my credit report quickly?

We Answered:

There are various ways on how to get free credit report online; but there is only one official website that is mandated by the government as your certified source for your annual credit report for free. This is in line with the government's ruling that every American is entitled to one free annual credit report from each individual main credit bureau, namely: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

In order to get your annual free report, you have to make a request for your copy because this is not something that is automatically sent to your mailbox. One way to do this is to go to each individual site of the three main credit reporting companies. However, this is not highly advisable because this would be very inconvenient on your part as you will need to make three separate requests for each of these agencies.

Moreover, in some instances you will be charged for your copy of the annual report unless you meet the qualifications for the free copy, depending on the company's standards and policies. In order to avoid such incident, it is best to go directly to the official website of the three companies who merged on this site in order to give their common service; which is to send you your free copy of the credit report.

Therefore, the best way for you on how to get free credit report online is to go to the; this is the official web site mandated by the federal government for this purpose. The three major credit reporting bureaus will supply you with an annual copy of your credit report upon your request. You will receive one report from each of these companies under only one request.

When you finally receive your free copy, it is best to check the authenticity of the entries contained in your report because sometimes errors may occur that results to lower your score. You will further notice that your score may sometimes be different from each of the credit-reporting agency.

This usually happened when creditors will report your credit history to only one agency instead of the three of them; thus, creating the variance of your score. In any case, you will have an idea of what your real score based on the ratings of these major companies and you will be able to make necessary changes if need in order to improve your score. This method offers the best solution to your problem on how to get free credit report online.

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