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About Credit Repair

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Cecil Said:

Is there a legit company out there than can repair credit?

We Answered:

YES THERE IS TRY they will show you how to do it yourself. It's the same steps these CREDIT REPAIR COMPANIES USE FOR ONLY $15.00. IT REALLY WORKS.

Marion Said:

Are there any credit repair companies that are legit?

We Answered:

You can get a copy of your credit report at and dispute any errors with the credit bureaus. If there are legitimate negative items, you will just have to wait the 7-1/2 years for them to fall off your credit report.

Companies that promise to repair your credit will only take their fees up front and do very little for you. There is no magic way to remove legit bad marks.

You can improve your score yourself by paying off credit card balances. A big part of your score is the ratio of revolving debt to available limit. Any balance over 30% of your limit hurts your score.

If you have negatives on your credit report, contact the creditors, newest one first and work backwards. Negotiate settlement. The older the debt, the more likely you can settle for less than the balance. Lump sum gets the best offers. Any payment plan should be short term. Get any settlement offer in writing and don't give them access to your bank account.

If you plan on buying a house, the mortgage company will insist that all negatives be settled. You may need longer than 6 months to clean up your credit. You also will need a nice downpayment.

Alicia Said:

Does anyone here own or work for a Credit Repair company?

We Answered:

I would like to know the same thing because I am knowledgeable but not degreed in it.

Good Luck!

Justin Said:

Do credit repair agencies really work?

We Answered:

Do it yourself.

Earl Said:

How can I succesfully repair my own credit ?

We Answered:

I am a loan originator and deal with people who have bad credit on a daily basis. I would suggest getting a copy of your credit report. Then making sure that there are no duplicates or closed accounts affecting your score. If there are you can call those places that have been dawdling in taking them off your credit report. Pay things on time and try to get rid of as much revolving debt as possible. If your credit is bad now you may need to wait a couple months until you can correct all of the above problems and bring your credit score up to where it should be. I hope I helped to answer your question if you have any more concerning your credit scores feel free to contact me through my yahoo email. P.S. A credit repair company can raise your scores but you most likely won't see the results until the process is over, they can really affect your score negatively while the repair process is taking place. Just put yourself in the lenders position. Would you lend money to someone going through a "credit repair"? I suggest trying to do it on your own first.

Rafael Said:

Does anyone know anything good about this company called Hargrave Associates Credit Repair?

We Answered:

There is no such thing as a credit repair company. The only items that can legally be removed from your credit are incorrect items. All they will do is write letters to the bureaus challenging every derogatory item on your report. You can do that for free.

But again, LEGALLY you can only challenge false items.

If you want to "repair" your credit, then you need to pay any outstanding debts, bring all your accounts current, and then make payments on time for severl years.

That's it - there is no magical secret. Your Ad Here

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