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Ca Credit Repair

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Lance Said:

i would like to find a truly free ca. site Re i can get a free credit report?

We Answered:

report free, fico score will cost you extra

Karen Said:

How exactly could i repair bad credit which i didn't make but can't dispute?

We Answered:

You should send a Validation letter. You can find them on the net and they work pretty well. I used one and got 2 items removed from my credit report. In your letter definately demand a copy of the original signed contract. If they can't provide that, then they cannot collect on the debt. If they do provide it, you can prove that its not your signature and you don't have to tell them you know who did it.

Rosemary Said:

Classes to become a credit repair specialist in LA, CA? Certification Requirements? Any CRS out there? HELP!?

We Answered:

To my knowledge, no professional organization or certification system exists for "credit repair" specialists.

Memo to Kat: You write: "Knowingly disputing a negative item that is accurate is fraud. Doing this by mail is punishable by imprisonment and fines under federal statute."
This is news to me....Please provide a link to confirm this information.....

Ruben Said:

What's an efficient and effective method to use to get a settled account deleted ?

We Answered:

Credit Repair companies are scams. They do not do anything that you couldn't do yourself. I would however suggest you go to staples or office depot and buy the CD they sell for credit repair.

You have to dispute the account with all three credit reporting companies. You will have to write them letter's requesting they remove it, then another one requesting an explanation of how it got there, another letter requesting proof that you were properly notified that this account will negatively impact your credit.

There are over 211 Fair Credit Reporting laws that a company must comply with in order for them to ruin your credit. Guess what? Most companies do not even comply with 50 of them. So you basically have to keep writing letter's until you find the one law that they didn't follow exactly and once you do they are obligated to remove the negative mark (this is where the CD from Staples comes in).

Good Luck
Be persistent.

Roland Said:

Do I need a license in the state of CA to open up a credit repair service as an individual?

We Answered:

Go to the city Treasurer to see if you have to pay tax. They will guide you also about the license. THe Secretary of State will handle the licensing if it is needed. They will charge you $10 to issue you a "Trade Name" for your business. If someone else already has the name, you can buy it from them or choose another.
I opened my own business in 2001. I wish i had done it earlier. /

Gene Said:

What is the cost to repair/replace a house foundation (concrete slab) in the bay area (Saratoga, CA)?

We Answered:

I have represented buyers that have had issues with foundations and in every situation a Structural Engineer was hired for a specific inspection. A regular home inspector is often not qualified to make such an assessment.

Foundation problems vary greatly. But a slab that slopes and bulges puts up some major red flags to what is going on beneath the slab. A slab is nothing but a piece of concrete and concrete doesn't "give" much. You could be looking at a repair cost of a few hundred dollars or something like $20,000. Regardless of the engineers findings, keep the report for the sake of future buyers of the property! Your Ad Here

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