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Gerald Said:

Credit repair? Who is Dale G. Holmes?

We Answered:

I've never heard of him either.

Because of this question, I did read through "some" of his articles and what he wrote is pretty sound information.
Many of the links he posted in the write ups are to established, well known, non spam and free sites.

With that being said, I have no clue who he is, if he has any formal schooling in the credit area, how long he has been involved with it, if his articles are his own, if he hits people up for money (though I didn't see any reference to him asking for money).

As far as trusting what he posts, anything and everything he posts can be verified through states and federal laws if a person is so inclined to take the time to check.

In my opinion, if he does not request payment to read his info or claims he can clean up someones credit for them, then his articles can be helpful.

Disclaimer: I have never heard of this person or read his articles until today. My statements that the articles "that I have read" contain sound information is strictly my own opinion.

He did a very good job of explaining fico's and fako's.

I have heard some people comment that their fako's had a difference of as much as 100 points compared to their fico's.
For myself, I've seen my fako's hit almost a 50 point difference compared to my fico's.

I have seen my own fako's rise or drop when there was absolutely "no" activity at that particular time, all the while my fico's sat rock steady.
Usually when that happens, after a day or two the fako's will go back to where they originally were- again, for no reason at all.

Even the banks often refer to the tri-merge scores as fako's.
If you do a Google search for fako, you will get quite a few hits.

Fico's are the truest scores you can get. Fako's should be taken with a grain of salt (or just ignored)

Paula Said:

Need to write an article to promote site. What would you want to know about repairing your credit problems?

We Answered:

#1 Question - Why do so many people believe that they can "repair" their credit? You credit report is very similar to your college transcripts, or ACT scores. You can't "repair" historical info. You can dispute inaccuracies, but, lets face it, their simply aren't as many inaccuracies as there are deadbeats.

Ivan Said:

Do I Need That Credit Card?

We Answered:

I have lived for over 2 years without a credit card. My debit card has the Visa logo so I can use it as a credit card if I need to. Being without debt is my goal so the last thing I would want is another credit card.

Laura Said:

Credit Repair Firms: Lexington Law?

We Answered:

Lexington Law, like many other credit repair companies, is a scam. They cannot guarantee results, and they charge you a lot of money for things that you can do for yourself for free.

1. Your credit is already shot. No one can fix that. Your derogatory trade lines on your credit reports will need to age out. No one can fix that.
2. Paying off old debt will not necessarily fix your credit. A derogatory trade is the same whether it is marked paid or not.
3. Lexington law or you could offer the collection agency a settlement. The collection agency is under no legal obligation to accept the offer. They can still continue to collect or even sue you.
4. You can offer the collection agency a settlement/pay for delete deal. Again, the collection agency has no legal obligation to accept your offer.
5. If they do accept your offer, they can only remove what they put on your credit reports. They cannot remove the original creditor's entry. It will stay until it ages out.

You already know what you can do. Go for it, and good luck.

Jerry Said:

Rates on a Washington Mutual Secured Credit Card?

We Answered:

WAMU charges an annual fee of $39, the rate is 17.99% Your Ad Here

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