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Credit Repair Australia

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Dennis Said:

How to repair bad credit? How to do yourself?

We Answered:

?redit repair work?d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -

Tracy Said:

Feeling left behind in my relationship, what do you think?

We Answered:

I think you should talk to him about this. If you think that he is being unfair to you then I would speak up. Im guessing you know him quite well sicne you have been togeher for four years now. If you ask him if things in your relationship are going to go farther then ask him to take you on a romantic trip.. My fiance cant afford much and I always take him with me where ever i go because i feel bad just leaving him at home. If you two just come to an understanding about trips and money and you tell him your not in it for his money he should understand. I hope this helps hun just keep trying and if he keeps it up i think you should see about how you really feel about him

Stephen Said:

can you get a personal loan with an impaired credit rating in australia? love to hear from those who have?

We Answered:

To answer correctly - I'd need details of just how bad your credit history is. Are the defaults "paid" or "unpaid" I know you said you make all of your payments on time now - but what's on your credit history can be different (some lenders are lazy with updating). If they are paid - the lender's will look at a few things... how long was the payment unpaid for? - who was the debt to? and how long ago were the defaults brought up to date and have you kept your file clean since then. If you've been doing well for the last 4 years as you have said and can manage your payments - then don't get another loan unless absolutely necessary as you will pay interest on interest and be starting again. Only do it to reduce interest and expenses - not drag it out and incurr more costs. There are lenders out there - like GE Money and Liberty Financial- who in the past have been known to help those with previous problems but in turn look at things on a case to case basis and can sometimes charge high interest rates to those who are considered "high risk borrowers" and security is sometimes also asked for depending on the loan amount. Always check for fees and charges at set up as well as ongoing monthly or annual loan costs. Remember if a loan is too easy to get or too good to be true - take a closer look before signing. Also look at income protection to help with committments if you got sick or lost a job. Getting a new loan doesn't always mean it will "fix" your credit rating. The only "fix" is to pay all loans on time and only borrow money and pay interest if absolutely necessary. Looking at how much a lender makes off you in interest and fees over a full loan term can be quite an eye opener. Good Luck.... Your Ad Here

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I hope this helps hun just keep trying and if he keeps it up i think you should see about how you really feel about him.

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Just paying your credit card payment on time is not enough you also need to maintain your credit limit so that the credit card company don't dare to reduce it. said:

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In order to maintain your credit with the bank and other financial institutions you should always clear your outstanding or due amount on time.