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Credit Repair Book

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Ricky Said:

I am needing help repairing my credit. Can someone suggest a good repair book?

We Answered:

You can do all of that on-line. I challenged mine and several things were removed. They will investigate anything you say doesn't belong on there, even things that do belong on there. If the agency that placed them there doesn't respond back then the credit bureau will automatically remove it. It's amazing how easy it is. You can do a search with a search engine for credit repair.

Brandon Said:

Credit Repair Training or Classes?

We Answered:

Dave Ramsey.

Natalie Said:

what is the name of the best written book on how to repair your credit?

We Answered:

Wow - I had saved your question because I was curious about the answers you would get, and now I'm checking back and see that no one has answered you. That's probably because there are literally tons of books out there on how to repair your credit - some good and I'm sure some not so good. However, from my own personal experience, I would recommend you check out Dave Ramsey's website. He knows his stuff! I just finished going through his "Financial Peace University" (you can read about it on his website) and there is also an online store where you can get a lot of materials, including a book of his called "Financial Peace Revisited", which goes into the topic you are interested in, including a lot of other things. You do realize, though, that repairing your credit isn't a quick-and-easy thing, don't you? It will take some time and a lot of patience, but in my opinion, Dave Ramsey is the way to go. Check it out:…

Good luck to you. Remember you aren't the only one in that boat!

Barry Said:

I'm looking for a credit repair book?

We Answered:

Might I suggest this....

Before listening to these people sending out spam answers trying to sell their services...and before wasting money on books about credit repair, look around the internet.

There is a tremendous amount of info out there showing you how to fix your credit, negotiate with creditors, and improve your score.

Start with the links below. These are some of my favorite sites. Come back and ask questions if you need specific advice......then if you still need help spend money on the books. But you truely do not need to waste your money. I have yet to see a credit repair book that has info I didn't already see on the net.

Carrie Said:

Best credit repair book?

We Answered:

I know the Credit Repair Cheat Sheet ebook and loved it. The guy who wrote it is a licensed banker and makes it easy to follow. You definitely want to check out the FTC website before you do anything and read up on you credit consumer rights (first). If you do buy the cheat sheet e-book and you do not like it (for wahtever reason), i pretty sure you have 60 days to get a full refund - so you have nothing to lose. good luck....

Terri Said:

Can anyone suggest a good book/website that I can use, as a resource, to repair some very bad credit.?

We Answered:

If you prefer video i can recommend our site for credit management.

Be careful of books [and video ] on credit repair. Getting higher credit scores doesn't necessitate "repair". You may want to develop a plan to get your debt reduced and make minimum payments on time, then more than the minimum on time. Hope this helps. Your Ad Here

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