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Credit Repair Business Software

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Alicia Said:

How shoudl I go about purchasing a computer?

We Answered:

its not a bad idea to have someone custom build a system. those places usually stay in business a long time. people like the personal interaction, instead of just sometiket number. Vista is not that bad. i had to get use to it. and i actually like it now. if you want xp go for a custom, if you want vist, buy one from a chain store.

Darrell Said:

Credit Repair Business Solution?

We Answered:

I have an online software that does what your looking for, send me an email, I'll send you some additional information.

Lloyd Said:

Credit repair software?

We Answered:

The best I have ever seen is -- It's affordable and does a ton of great stuff.. Other than that, you can allows use Microsoft Word..

Pearl Said:

software for credit repair business?

We Answered:

There's no need to purchase software to repair one's credit. It's a simple process that an individual can do on their own.

I would advise your friend to find another business.

Ida Said:

Illegal to refuse a refund?

We Answered:

How can she sue? By not agreeing with your conclusion that there was nothing wrong with the computer. Whether she can win a lawsuit is another question. No law requires any sort of warranty beyond the implied warranties of fitness of merchantability. If the computer works, you have satisfied your implied warranty. You seem to have given an absolute warranty of 30 days, but with a limited remedy. The law in most places allows that.
She has no greater right to cancel the sale than you have to go to her home and demand a return of the computer. Your Ad Here

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