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Fernando Said:

I read online all the time about companies that repair your credit report, can that really be done?

We Answered:

Lexington Law (LL) has one of the better reputations among Credit Repair Organizations (CROs). That said, I would NEVER work with a CRO and I would NEVER recommend you work with one--not even LL.

If you wanna know some ways to improve your credit, there are lots of options available to you.

Feel free to hop over to myfico forums and PM me.

Andy Said:

Can any-one recommend a DIY course for credit repair?

We Answered:

Never pay a penny when the information is out there for free.

If you haven't done so yet, you should read through some of the FTC sites, such as the FDCPA and the FCRA.
There are also a few free non spam credit discussion boards where you can learn.
The best two, in my opinion, are and

Read and learn as much as you can and ask any questions you may have before you begin sending letters out.

Sherri Said:

Is it possible to remove credit inquiries from my credit report?

We Answered:

As to your first question, no you can not remove inquiries if they are valid. There is nothing that says you can't dispute it, but they will probably not be removed. In your case a credit score is not given a lot of weight. This is because you have what is considred a "thin" credit history. So even though you had a 730 you found it was still hard to get approved.

When were these inquires done. The credit scores allow inquiries in a 14 day period to be treated as only one. So if you have 10 in a 14 day period, and then 5 in the next 14 days they will only be treated as 2 inquiries.

Now the good news. The inquiries will remain on your report for 2 years. However, they are only used in scoring for the first year. Also, most of the negative effect is in the first 6 months.

Just continue to do what you are doing with paying every bill on time and keeping your CC balances low. As time goes on you should find it easier to get approved for auto loans.

Geraldine Said:

Michigan Mortgage / Bad Credit / HUD homes / HELP!!?

We Answered:

I suggest contacting a mortgage company that does not charge for pre-approval and ask them the questions you pose. is an affiliated lender of my broker. According to their website they do not charge for pre-approval.

They will be able to answer your questions and give you some options.

Lloyd Said:

If I pay off my over the limit credit, and get another and use it ever so often will that repair my credit?

We Answered:

You can if someone will give you another card. You need to be more worried about getting this debt taken care before even concerning yourself about putting anymore debt on yourself. Once you do get this paid off, get a low credit card and this time use it wisely. Your Ad Here

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