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Dolores Said:

what is the largest, most informative, and active credit repair online forum?

We Answered:

Emily Said:

How can i find best forums with high pr sites with key words credit repair bad credit credit score ?

We Answered:

This blog has links to some good advice!

Jeanette Said:

What connections do you have that help your finances?

We Answered:

Several years ago my dad got me a Gibson Deluxe guitar by trading piano tunings with a music store. It worked out quite well for me. I also don't think my dad minded doing that since I wanted a good guitar.

Dora Said:

please where can i get Free Credit Repair Advice?

We Answered:

?redit repair work?d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -

Anita Said:

Some1 said people in "Politics" no a lot. Can someone explain what a "merchant" is regarding credit cards?

We Answered:

Ok people use their credit cards to buy stuff from stores. The stores are the merchants. The credit card companies are banks that are making short term loans to the merchants on behalf of the customers with the agreement that the customer is going to pay them back. Often people charge more than they can afford and can't repay all that they borrowed. That is when they need credit repair services to help manage their accounts and negotiate payments they can afford.
A chargeback is when a customer returns something and the value of it is credited back to the credit card used to purchase the item. This could create a complication for a third or fourth party credit repair company as it would comnpletely change the math of the loans they are trying to make and the balances they are working with. It basically takes them out of the equation when customers merchants and credit card companies solve the problems without them. So any time a chargeback happens, the credit repair service loses an opportunity to make money. And a lot of credit repair comanies are just taking advantage of people . So many merchants don't want to deal with them if they suspect they are trying to do something unethical. This may be why the accounts were frozen. Your Ad Here

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