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Credit Repair Guide

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Bessie Said:

Credit Repair Service?

We Answered:

Avoid credit repair agencies that charge a fee to improve your FICO score by removing negative, but accurate, information from your credit reports. No one can force credit reporting agencies or lenders to remove accurate information from a credit report. Credit repair companies often take your money without delivering what they promise, or provide only temporary improvements of
your score, sometimes by removing accurate information that will reappear later.

You can do your own repair by just knowing what to do and how to do it. This link to the FTC will let you download information on disputing entries with the CRA's…
Download a pdf file regarding how to dispute with CRA's

Many repair services will lower interest and some of the ballances but at a cost that will haunt your credit for more then 7 years. They offer lower pay offs and the creditor will just closse the account and charge off the rest (this is not a good thing). You also have to pay fees which cost you more in the long run.

Credit counseling is the best advice. Here are some more links for help with your credit issues.…
Govt approved credit counseling agencies.…
Building a better credit report.
What you need to know about your credit.…
Credit and your consumer rights.…
All about FICO scoring.

Hope this answers your question
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The advice contained herein is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as Legal Counsel nor Legal Advice.

Terrance Said:

accounting questions help?

We Answered:

1) Debit "Cash" for $12,000, while you Credit "Jennifer Capital" for $12,000

2) Debit "Rafting Equipment" for $3,750, while you credit "Accounts Payable" for $3,750.

3) Debit "Accounts Receivable" for $750, While you Credit "Guide Service Revenue" for $750.

4) Debit "Maintenance Expense" for $123, while you Credit "Cash" for $123

5) Debit "Utilities Expense" for $95, while you credit "Cash in Bank" for $95.

6) Debit "Cash" for $225, While you Credit "Accounts Receivable" for $225

7) Debit "Rent Expense" for $225, while you Credit "Cash" for $225.

8) Debit "Accounts Payable" for $1750, While you credit "Cash" for $1750.

9) Debit "Jennifer Withdrawals" for $250, While you credit "Cash" for $250.

10) Debit "Cash" for $250, While you Credit "Accounts Receivables" for $250.

Douglas Said:

Please help. I am hoping someone can advice me on some good credit repair companies/attorneys.?

We Answered:

First regarding the mistakes. Just dispute those directly with the 3 big credit bureaus. If you pulled your reports, they should have info on how to dispute them on the reports. They'll contact the creditors and ask them to prove they are legitimate and correct. If not, off they go.

Second, I would not recommend credit repair companies period. For any unpaid debts that are legitimate, contact whoever holds the debt now. That too should be on your credit report. Tell them your story and and work out a deal. Maybe they'll take less than owed. However, never and I mean NEVER pay one penny to them unless you have it in writing exactly what you are supposed to pay and when, and when the debt will be considered paid and reported to the credit bureaus that way.

Leo Said:

Where are Step By Step Credit Repair Guide?

We Answered:

Hi, Hope it helps and good luck!

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Denise Said:

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We Answered:

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