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Credit Repair Home Business

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Judy Said:

My boyfriend and I want to start flipping houses but we both have bad credit, what can we do?

We Answered:

Have the Seller hold the mortgage. Question: Even if the Seller holds the mortgage, how are you going to pay for the materials necessary for the re-model if you have bad credit.... Also not a good time to do flips. A lot of Flippers are renting their house because they can not sell them in the current market. Houses won't start to turn up for at least another 18 months.

Tanya Said:

Has anyone else been a victim of Al Mehdikhani, he runs a host of various businesses promising credit repair?

We Answered:

I know your account Albrik Mehdikhani. You used it to ask where the picture came from on Everyone out there on internet land should know that Al is a con artist. I have a bad check sitting right here for 250 dollars for web design and hosting services.

Ramon Said:

Tax credit advise for new PC Repair business?

We Answered:

Dear MD: You are a sole proprietor and will use IRS Sch. C to report your income and expenses. With Sch. C, Sch SE is required (self employment taxes). Information from these forms flows back to your 1040. If you dedicate a portion of your house exclusively for your business you maybe able to expense some of your utilities, insurance, taxes etc. It is not uncommon to have a loss the first couple years in business but the IRS wants to see progress toward the profit side within several years.

This advice was prepared based on our understanding of the tax law in effect at the time it was written as it applies to the facts that you provided. Click on my profile to read more.
Errol Quinn Enrolled Agent Master Tax Advisor

Karen Said:

does anyone have information on a business called "Home Solutions of America" and is it good news?

We Answered:

You may have gotten it if you are a homeowner. They may have been loosely referring to a cashout refinance where they payoff your debts. Anybody can put you into a credit repair program. If you are a homeowner and have the debts they referred to , check out the source website and their free evaluation form. Good luck.

Charlotte Said:

How can I get a loan to start a home-based business if I have horrible credit?

We Answered:

It all starts with a business plan... get your pad and paper. If you can show profit on paper, the money will find you instead of you finding the money.

Yvonne Said:

I am trying to build busines credit. I purchased a DUNS #. Our business is maintenance home repair?

We Answered:

You can transfer personal credit to business credit for starters, Rename your current credit cards as the company name under your name. Consult a business accountant. Or google building business credit Your Ad Here

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need help writing resume said:

Credit repair is quite complicated than one might actually think. There are numerous aspects to it that people do not understand. Therefore, having a professional would be really nice.