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Credit Repair In Canada

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Tony Said:

US citizen buying house in Canada, credit, mortgage.?

We Answered:

If you are landing as a PR in January, you will have to prove a previously good credit history to get a credit card immediately.

Otherwise your credit record starts from scratch, but you need to have some stability to support the application. By that I mean a stable job/income and a stable address history. Usually about 1 year after you land should be enough.

Doris Said:

Filing for bankruptcy in ONTARIO CANADA- my husband and me- what do I need to know?

We Answered:

Go see a Credit Councillor ASAP.

I've never had to use one, but several people I know have had a co-worker who was resolved to living out her bad debts. (Some her fault, some not.)

After she saw them and they put her on a scehdule, she actually started having funds left at the end of the month again...something she'd not had for quite some time.

Part of what the Councellors do is to teach you to deal with it, and they also negotiate on your behalf to obtain lower rates on your debts, and to help you by arranging a consolodation loan. Just make sure you avoid the ones that want cash up front.

If you declare bankruptcy...nothing is gone, and you have a black mark on your credit history for 7 years that means you'll pay one hellova premium on any loans and credit.

Good Luck!

Colleen Said:

Where can I find a retailer of Where The Wild Things Are Kubrick toys in Canada?

We Answered:

If you can get to Toronto, there is a toy store on Queen St. East in the Beaches area that would most likely have them. I can't remember the name of it, but it is just a few blocks west of where the streetcar turns around. You can't miss it. Walking west, it is on the right hand side of the street.

Rafael Said:

where can I get a personal loan with bad credit, Canada?

We Answered:

You will not qualify for a loan. Scrimp and save, get another job, sell some unused items, put in for an early tax refund. Payday loans are the worst predators for gouging people that don't have other options.

Edward Said:

Has anyone ever used a service from the site 'eloan canada?

We Answered: is not a lender but helps in getting information and assistance related to Canadian personal finance, as a consumer I am satisfied because it helps me in getting a loan which I was looking for. As far as my experience with the other websites, you cant judge the site with its spelling mistakes, contact adresses or else because most of them send you to the secure server when submitting sensitive information online like your social security number, credit card details or else.. because it didnt ask me, what I been asked were some primary data perhaps to assess my credential to judge the chances with the available lender's primary requirements. Anyway, you can get your debt consolidation help while having bad credit here at , this application form is secure and works for Canada and America both. I am sure you better judge with the company it refer you.

Wesley Said:

How can I get a small personal loan if I have bad credit?

We Answered:

Although there are ways, your easiest and most financially secure bet is to raise your credit score. It really is easier than you might think. I would go to and click on "What can I do to improve my credit score?" They have some very helpful and easy to follow information.

Crystal Said:

do i need to pay an old creditor debt in canada, ontario?

We Answered:

The answer could vary by person.It is alway a good idea to hear the suggestion from different sides and try to choose the best one.Here is a good one i recommend.
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