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Carlos Said:

Where can I apply for business credit without using my personal info?

We Answered:

US banks and other lending institutions are required by federal law to identify all owners of a business account. Lenders are in the business of LENDING money with an expectation that it will be repaid, so they want to know who is handling the affairs of a business.

A site I've used for info in the past ...

Hope that helps.

Alfredo Said:

Do you guys know which credit repair company is batter?

We Answered:

Be careful ive heard most of these credit repair company's are a rip off.

Chad Said:

What are some good credit repair resource websites with free info?

We Answered:

A useful free consumer site on credit repair is

Mae Said:

Credit Repair.?

We Answered:

You have a chance to improve your credit rating and therefore brighten up your financial future by being patient, a conscious effort, and a personal debt repayment to improve your credit report. The most practical and effective way to truly improve credit is through a number of practical steps designed to help you not only improve your credit rating but also to maintain a decent credit rating once it has improved. No matter how bad your credit is, taking following steps will make it better.

STEP 1: Dispute Inaccurate Information or Frauds in Your Credit Report
STEP 2: Pay all of your bills on time
STEP 3: Reduce the number of credit cards you carry
STEP 4: Avoid bankruptcies, tax liens and collections
STEP 5: Request for Lower Credit Limits
STEP 6: Get a Small Loan or Credit Card with Co-Signer
STEP 7: Get a Secured Credit Card
STEP 8: Periodically Get a Copy of Your Credit Report

Find complete explanation for each step at:

Renee Said:

How long to repair credit after a bankruptcy to qualify for a home mortgage?

We Answered:

You can qualify for basically whatever you want immediately after bankruptcy. If you have enough money for a larger than average down payment a bank will be willing to work with you.
Of course, if you have enough money for that the IRS may decide to look into your bankruptcy a bit.

The bankruptcy will be on your record at least 10 years after you file - I am speaking from experience on this matter. I filed in 1999 and it is still there....But, I have more credit now then I did when I filed then.

If you are a man it is easier for you to rebuild your credit. I don't know why this is, but it is the truth.

Good luck to you, bankruptcy is not fun, but sometimes a clean slate is the only way to go!

Susan Said:

i am looking for a web site that has good info on how to repair bad credit..any suggestions?

We Answered:

Here are many options.

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