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Credit Repair Information

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Harold Said:

credit repair information?

We Answered:

How bad is it? Do you need a band-aid or a surgeon?

Have you called consumer credit counseling?

Clarence Said:

Credit Repair?

We Answered:

I agree with Diane, DON'T DO IT. That $300-500 can go more towards the down payment or paying down collections. The best person to repair your credit is YOU. There are companies out there, but they do no more than you can do by doing some research. There's a LOT of resources out there that can help you fix your own credit. Even if they dispute the dings, that by no means doesn't guarantee that they won't resurface later on. There's a RIGHT and a WRONG way to fix it. Debt validation, and "pay to deletes" are right ways to fix credit while frivolous disputes are not. I posted several links that should help you improve your score

Frank Said:

I am planning to start a credit repair business that's why I am looking for the information related to it.?

We Answered:

One this is to start getting a list of businesses that report to Experian. You will need your clients to get accounts with these businesses so they can be reported. Our company reports all of our web clients to Experian.

Roberta Said:

credit repair.?

We Answered:

Yes you're absolutely correct. 1. credit repair agency disputes all the "bad accounts" 2. creditor doesn't respond 3. account gets deleted. HERE'S THE OTHER PART OF THE STORY: 4. Creditor finally does respond and shows proof that the account is yours--BANG--the "bad account" gets put right back on.

I personally don't believe in dealing with repair agencies or counseling agencies, because everything that they do for you is simple; and you can do the same things with a little bit of time and research.

The bottom line is, you can't have a credit repair agency fix anything if what is being reported is actually accurate. Disputing it with letters may take it off temporarily, but once the creditor responds and proves it truly is due, the account goes right back on there.

Monica Said:

Is there a way to repair my credit score if there is wrong information on my credit report?

We Answered:

You can dispute negative items yourself by ordering free copies of your credit reports and then sending dispute letters to each of the credit bureaus. However, if you are like most people and don't have the time to learn the applicable consumer credit laws or the time to experiment with the tactics for repairing your own credit, you can use one of the many legitimate credit repair organizations out there.

Lexington Law is the premier credit repair firm is the industry. They have been around for almost 20 years and have helped over 500,000 people repair their credit. If you are still shopping for a credit repair service, make sure you at least give them a call to discuss your options. The number on their site is 1-800-214-0922. Your Ad Here

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