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Thelma Said:

Can anyone help lead me in the right direction to help me get my credit back ? Without filing banruptcy.?

We Answered:

Go here:

It will take lots of hard work, but he will help you get back not only your credit but your life. No money required, just common sense and lots of sacrifice. Go, run, get there and read, listen and do what he says.

Richard Said:

Help! Single mom with an upside down payment on a vehicle that needs engine replaced, insurance didnít care?

We Answered:

Wow that was alot to read, it sounds like you simply want a free fix for the car and it doesn't work like that. If you need an engine you have three options, one is stop making payments and have your credit ruined, two is replace the engine while still making payments, three is to continue to make payments and get another car. You bought the car, you inspected it prior, I dont understand what the problem is, pay to fix it or get rid of it, either way you are responsible for the car payments on a car with that many miles even if it doesn't run.

April Said:

Need help making sense of FHA options?

We Answered:

Most streamline 203K loans have minimum of 5k and maximum of 35K. Are you purchasing a HUD owned home?
You can ask for seller concessions of up to 6% of the sales price for your closing costs.
The cost to clean up the lead based paint is $6600(does this include repainting?) and you have an additional 5K +/- for other repairs?

Kent Said:

How would you repair the GOP?

We Answered:

You have a lot of ideas. I think your best is: quit spending our money irresponsibly. Distinguish yourselves from the democrats in thrift and wisdom in spending tax dollars. Defense of this nation should come first. Defense of our borders and citizen's safety, and defense of our liberties within our borders.

In two years we have the chance to turn the Congress around if people are discontented enough with Obama's policies and the democrats in lockstep with those policies.

Alma Said:

Is this a good resume?

We Answered:

The first thing you should put on is what your objective is. This lets employers now why you are applying.

You should also have things in point list form, like your skill. And I don't know because there is no format, but make sure all the titles (experience, education, skills and references) are in bold or underlined. This way the resumer looks more organized. But dont do more than one (bold/italic/underline) or they can get confused.

Last thing, reorganize the order it is in, like: objective then skills, then ex[perience, than references. Remember that they read your resume in the order you give them and you want them to know your skills first so when they read your work history they can see how you applied those skills.

Good Luck!!

Regina Said:

Clean Up My Credit in 3-6 Months?

We Answered:

Only the passing of time will heal your credit problems and if your score is 452 then it's going to take a lot longer than 3-6 months...sorry.

Your best bet is to pay back any non credit card debts as you have the best chance of getting these completely removed from your credit report. Charged-off/defaulted credit card debt will stay on your credit report for 7 years...even if you pay off the debt if full.

You may be able to negotiate the complete removal of non credit card debts like defaulted cell, medical, utility bills etc. from your credit report with a Pay for Delete agreement. This is a written agreement where you get a signed agreement from the debt collector (PRIOR to making any payment) where they offer to remove the negative items from your credit files after an agreed-to amount is paid. They will NOT want to do this....all they want is your money and their commission and they could not care less about your credit rating....Still, you have something they want (money) and that puts you in a position to negotiate on this issue. Example letter:

I am willing to resolve this issue if your firm sends me a written agreement that you will remove all negative notations from my credit report after the agreed-to amount is paid to you. Upon receipt of this letter I will mail you a USPS money order for this amount.
If your debt is all defaulted credit card debt...then it gets tricky and paying back charged-off credit card debt won't really help your credit rating. Renewing contact with debt collectors about old charge-offs may stir up more trouble than it's worth.

- Avoid the temptation to pay a "credit repair" firm, as they cannot remove accurate negative info. If youíve had recent defaults, charge-offs, late pays, then you need to understand this items have to age of your credit report naturally.
- Make sure you don't have any more defaults/late-pays...Every new default or >2 months late on payments will start a brand new cycle of bad credit that will last at least two years.
- Pull your credit report and check for any is the real free site to check your credit file for free once a year.

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