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Credit Repair Message

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Victor Said:

If you need a mortgage I worked with some very helpful ppl?

We Answered:

You can obtain that type of loan through many lenders

Claude Said:

repair web page that ask for credit card info and home phone and password?

We Answered:

DO NOT TYPE IN YOUR DETAILS AT ANY COST! Its a giant SCAM. i dont know how to fix it but it'll save you alot of trouble if you DONT type in your credit card number/pass word/telephone number.

Ivan Said:

How to recoup audio equipment sent for repair out of state?

We Answered:

The chances of you recovering the money you are out of is virtually non-existent, you could file a complaint with the attorney Generals office so the person cannot do it to someone else, you could pursue the matter in small claims court but it sounds like you have already spent more than the original loss, remember one thing a judgment only gives you the right to collect it does not give any other method than you have already tried.

Ted Said:

How to repair xbox disc scratches?

We Answered:

spread peanut butter on it, then wipe it off and rinse with cold sounds dumb but i used to do it all the time with my psone

Kent Said:

What are my rights when a company appears to want to jerk me around irregardless of a warranty?

We Answered:

you need to physically go down to the place where you purchased the items, and start complaining. Complain and complain and then complain some more. Im a customer service representative at a company so trust me on this... i know how to get things done. You need to start threatening with legal action and bad publicity an so on........ but dont just talk to some shmo...... you need to ask for the supervisor or the owner of the shop. And you need to be persistent. Companys like this dont take you seriously, they honestly feel that they could put you on the backburner and let your problem sit there until they have the time to get around to it. I dont think you have the option to withhold payment..... if you do that you risk getting bad credit. Honestly though, complaining and being persistent is the only way to go

Ryan Said:

Can we afford this home/should we buy right now?

We Answered:

You're way ahead of most people just starting out so don't be too worried about it. If you are having second thoughts though you should seriously reconsider the deal.

Additionally, if there are things wrong with the house that the seller/broker didn't disclose there is also a possibility that you can get your money back.

You can also go to some sites on line and key in your financial data and it will tell you how much house you can afford. Here's one I found:…

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