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Rick Said:

I'm looking for workshops on financial/credit in Philadelphia?

We Answered:

There are several non-profits in the Philadelphia area that offer financial services; however, I highly recommend that you simply read. For instance, Black Enterprise magazine is an excellent source; I just finished reading Powernomics by Claud Andersen...excellent book. Majority of the times, nonprofits have people who do not know the ins and outs to financial freedom. All of the information is at your finger tips...simply read...self-educate.

Miriam Said:

Is there any place donates cars to people in need?

We Answered:

Contact local scrap yards and trade your vehicle with another that can (barely) run. Negotiate with them for a good deal.

Beatrice Said:

Emergency Car Repair loan?

We Answered:

I don't know how much your car was worth (before the accident) but I know you can get a quality used car for less than $7500. Instead of repairing your current car, why don't you just sell it? Then you can buy a good, used car with cash. When you get tired of that car, save up some more money and buy a better one.

Katherine Said:

Rental Problem?

We Answered:

Take it to small claims court. There should be an agency in your area that can help explain your rights as a renter. Contact your local government building and ask them.

Teresa Said:

Has anyone seen this?It looks legit.I just received it today.It's not a 419 scam?

We Answered:

This is a standard notice of Class Action. Since the Action concerns an online activity it may be reasonable to contact you by e-mail as they may have no other current information. Be very careful going to the site as to the information you give out.
I visited the site and am a little uncomfortable that the name of the court and of the law firm handling the settlement is not given.
Near the end of the FAQ is a reference
Heather Greer, Experian Public Relations, (714) 830-7756.
This phone number is, in fact, Experian phone number
"Experian Global Press OfficeFor an interview with Peg Smith, Experian executive vice president, please contact either Donald Girard at 714 830 5647 or Heather Greer at 714 830 7756. ... "

It is not, in fact, a 419 scam because they are not talking about giving you a lot of money if you invest. It may be phishing to collect SSAN and other data.

Clarence Said:

Is there anyone who can help me repair my house?

We Answered:

Contact Mend-a-home in Portland…

But, first sit down and write a simple, one page synopsis of your situation and needs.
One paragraph describing your family and income level. A second paragraph detailing the required repairs, etc. Keep it simple. And, only ask for the most needed repairs.

You might also mail the page to a couple large churches in your area. Many bring in huge teams of volunteers each summer.
But, first they visit the homes, interview the residents, and "line up" their projects.
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