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Christy Said:

How should I pay off over $25,000 in medical collections and repair my horribly damaged credit?

We Answered:

I went through a similar situation in 2003. My combined medical bills were $30,000. I too had no insurance.
Through frequent communication with all bill holders, I managed to keep all of my bills between two different collection agencies.
After making monthly payments to both companies for the past four years I came to a financial point where I could make a pay-off. I asked each company if they were willing to make me a deal if I paid them off. Both companies settled on an amount just less than half of what I owed them.
At this time, I also requested that they report to the big three credit reporters that I had been making on time payments for x amount of months and that I had successfully paid the accounts in full.
During the last four years, at the advice of my financial institution, I obtained a few credit cards. Using them wisely and keeping them paid off (DO NOT SPEND MONEY YOU DO NOT HAVE) looks fantastic on your credit report.
Of course there is always the option of a medical bankruptcy... but I would not recommend it. That will be on your credit report longer and appear worse than if you're showing bills needing to be paid.
Another thing I will add is that when applying for a house loan, be open with your lender. Go over your credit history with a fine toothed comb and explain that these bills were due to an unexpected medical situation.
So... the secret to getting out of this "mess" is time. Keep trucking, keep paying and keep breathing. It might seem like forever while you are going through it, but when the day comes that they are payed off you'll look back and think, wow, that didn't take very long really. No longer than some short-term car loans. And your health is more valuable than a car ;)
Good luck to you! You can do it!
((have you checked into a personal loan that would consolidate all of those medical bills into one? if you qualify, again, ask the creditors to cut you a "pay-off" deal of a fraction of what you owe))

Jessie Said:

Can you people tell me any good resource for credit repair business?

We Answered:

THis is such a booming business today that no one will share their secrets with you. Your best bet is to contact all the major credit card companies. Mastercard 800-947-1000 to start. Ask them what they need. Then you will have to contact banks and credit unions for their guidelines.
They might even refer you business if they think you are serious. You will collect payments from debtors and distribute them to the creditors. You can charge a fee monthly or upfront..

Adrian Said:

What credit score do I need for top secret navy clearance? I currently am at 501.?

We Answered:

Сredit repair workеd fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -

Wayne Said:

Hi, How can I succesfully repair my own credit?

We Answered:

Learn and listen to world renown credit card expert Scott Bilker as he unveils all of his dirty little secrets to getting approved for credit cards with 0% APR with his eyes closed and how you can do the same. He'll teach you the simple formula to having the credit cards companies fall under your spell to do exactly what you want. Scott's a pro and knows his stuff. In fact, his techniques are so easy anyone can do them without question.

How to use “secret?language indicators to get exactly what you want from your creditor.
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Rosemary Said:

credit repair company?

We Answered:

The only thing credit repair companies (including the law firms) do is dispute the debt reporting with the credit bureaus. You can o this yourself by writing a VERY simple letter saying "I dispute the following:" and including your name, ssn, address, account #s and a brief reason for each. There isn't a trick or secret technique to this, just send the letters. Your Ad Here

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