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National Credit Repair

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Darryl Said:

Omaha, NE....need a good reference for local help with credit repair...or debt elimination...?

We Answered:

Look in your yellow pages and see what you can find under debt management, also ask around before going with a company to see how they do business..............>.....>

Tyrone Said:

Do I need to include store credit cards on an apartment rental application?

We Answered:

Under auto loan, write "paid in full." List your bank(s) for checking & savings. List the issuing company (Credit First National Association) for the credit card. Better yet, if you have a Visa or MasterCard debit card from your bank checking account, list it as "Visa" or "MasterCard" as appropriate with your bank name. If you have a checking acct in good standing, you should have a debit card, not just an ATM card.

Elmer Said:

How do I get my credit back?

We Answered:

You need to begin building a history of paying back loans or credit card charges. As soon as you begin doing that you will become eligible for credit with others and you will slowly work your way back to a good credit score.

Derrick Said:

Is there any way I can build up / repair my american credit score if I am living overseas?

We Answered:

i'm not sure if the u.s. system is the same as the u.k.,but this is what i would do:-
take out one or two credit u.s. credit cards and maybe get a mobile phone on contract. use the cards fairly regularly but keep the balances reasonably low. make sure you pay at least the minimum amount every month.use the phone in the same way - make a few calls a month and pay the the u.k. this would at least help to repair your credit score.hope this helps

Jessie Said:

How can I repair my credit rating?

We Answered:

?redit repair work?d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -

Scott Said:

Anyone know about First National Card?

We Answered:

The other poster answered your question beautifully. I just wanted to state that my own experience with this card started when I received one in the mail last year as if I'd requested a credit card with them. A red flag went up. Since I'd spent years building my credit back up and suddenly I have this card in the mail that I didn't want. Also, there's the concern over ID theft. Who knows, this could have been someone's attempt to get a card sent to my address and they were to steal it out of my mailbox or something. These are things people should be concerned about anyway. I got another one the other day and simply cut it up.

But it turns out this is just a scam company. Comments all across the net show that people have been falling for this company's pitch at least since 1998. They should rename themselves The Clean-Out-Your-Bank-Account Company, Inc. I don't think it's a bad business practice to supply people with a catalogue account and a catalogue of merchandise to order from, but this company is more concerned with getting your money and giving you a catalogue of stuff you don't want to order from. Have a problem? Well, they'll just give you more credit that you can use towards stuff you don't want. One guy complained that the catalogue he'd been sent in the fall was a spring version. Heh! So they sent him a "new" catalogue that just happened to be the same out of date one he'd gotten before. Spring!

I recommend this site for more info on the experience others have had with this shady company: There's even a former employee who posts (spews) there to truly show you what kind of people you're dealing with. Even a former employee won't admit they are doing anything wrong. I also read some material that detailed the lawsuit against this company in 1998 and how difficult it is in general to close down these places.

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