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Quick Credit Repair

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Betty Said:

What the quickest way I can repair my credit?

We Answered:

One great way to repair or build credit fast is to get a secured VISA or MasterCard. A secured credit card is one in which you open up a savings account with the card issuing bank. This savings account is used as a security deposit for your credit card. Your credit limit is based on the amount that you deposit into the savings account. Once you have established a good record of payments on the credit card, the savings account funds are returned to you. Only use this secured credit card for gas or a few small purchases each month. When you get your bill, pay it immediately but overpay it by about $10 - $15. That way you always have a negative balance. The FICO system accelerates your credit rating quickly by doing this. Just make sure that you NEVER are late on making that payment. This method worked very well for me when I had very bad credit. After receiving my secured credit card, it took about 8 months before I was receiving pre-approved non secured VISA and MasterCard offers from large banks.

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Patricia Said:

what is the best and quickest way to repair credit?

We Answered:

DEBT is the first thing that needs to be gotten rid of.

If that is taken care of, you can start off with a credit card. Assuming you have a limit of 1000, make sure that you spend below 50% of your available credit limit, lower is better.

The reason for spending below 50% is that that is how your fico score is determined. When the credit beureu check on you they see how much of your available credit you are spending, if you are above 50% you are in higher risk category. Start with one card and add a few. By using and paying off your cards on a regular basis your score will start climbing.

Another neat trick is to request a credit increase every 6 months, if you are paying your card off as you should, they will have no problem with giving you a increase. Which does 2 thigns, 1 in gives you higher limit so it looks like your spending a smalller percentage each month, and 2 it shows you have good credit, cuz a compnay is actually giving you credit.

Ross Said:

what is the quickest way to legally repair my credit?

We Answered:

Here are 3 websites that will discuss your credit rating and how to improve it. Some things can be done quickly, others take time. Good luck!

Emma Said:

what is the quickest way to repair credit ?

We Answered:

I agree that you pretty much have to reestablish your credit.
There are non-profit credit counselors that can negotiate for you lower payments. Their fee is usually minimal like $20 a month or so.

If you can reestablish your credit by being consistent and keeping a low to next to nothing balance.

Also, this is a lot harder than it sounds, live below your means. Just because one makes 50k a year or whatever, doesn't necessarily mean you spend 50k a year. A lot of people have a hard time with this.

Good Luck!

Christy Said:

What the quickest way to repair my credit. I currently have a 530 credit score.?

We Answered:

Pay ALL your bills ON TIME and DO NOT apply for any credit anywhere until your score gets to where you want it. Get your credit balances down to less than 50% at least and lower than 30% if possible. Your Ad Here

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