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Repair Credit Canada

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Kent Said:

I'm in Canada, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what happens if I never pay off old credit card bills

We Answered:

To get a very true an accurate answer ( because your situation may require assistance ) you should consult a bankrupcy attorney...

There are ways to repair your credit , you just have to want to do it .

Derrick Said:

When your file gets sent to "tricura canada" does that affect your credit score?

We Answered:

Probably you have some wrong items in your credit report. Use credit repair service to find and remove such bad stuff from your credit -

Linda Said:

How do you get a consolidation in Canada if your credit is bad and you don't own a house?

We Answered:

hi there
people in debt often seem to find some help here :
and here
and I have found 2 more sites on the topic
ifyou get any luck please don't forget about me lol, hope it helped you!

Lloyd Said:

if i have bad american credit and move to canada will it effect my canadian credit?

We Answered:

Try this one , it will help you get your credit get repaired fast and also teach you how to do it to earn income doing the same thing to help people get their credit repaired.. this system really rocks....

Gloria Said:

Is there a auto repair shop that offers credit cards?

We Answered:

If your in the states or canada, midas, speedy, kmart, canadian tire, i think most major centres offer on the spot financing. Take advantage of the 0 or low interest, but make sure you pay it off in full before it's due date, or They hit you with a interest rate @30%. Your Ad Here

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buy cheap dissertations said:

If you never paid the credit card bill, then you have gone into a risk. The intrest rates of credit card bills are very high. If you didn't pay the bill monthly, the interest rates are increased.

browse this page said:

My sister lived and studied for a long time in Canada. Very cool when the country has the opportunity to help people develop their writing skills and raise their level of intelligence.