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Repair Your Own Credit

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Manuel Said:

Does anyone know anything about starting your own credit repairing business?

We Answered:

It is easy to do. All you have to do is know the ins and outs of the Fair Credit Reporting Act which consists of 340 different laws. You need to have a license, insurance and a bond. Then you have to get around all the skepticism of people who think it is a scam or illegal.

Once you have developed all the applicable letters that you have to write to all the credit reporting agencies, and you will need at least 100 templates as a minimum, you have to go prospecting. You will have to contact everyone you can who has anything to do with lending money. Hopefully, if you can get enough of these lenders on board, they may be able to send you one or two customers per month.

Then you have to beg the customers for referrals.

The good news is that since the three REPUTABLE and legal companies in the United States charge as much as $1000 for their services, you have all kinds of room to charge more competitive rates and make very good money.

Or you can just go to work for one that exists already. I can provide you information on a company that is hiring.


Daryl Said:

Anyone purchase and USE Credit Repair Magic Software?

We Answered:

The only thing any of this soft/scamware is going to do is generate letters which you can do on your own. Fraid there is no magic to repair credit...unless, you consider waiting 7 years magical.

Jonathan Said:

I just got licensed to operate my own credit repair business. Does anyone have suggestions on how to start?

We Answered:

Since it was your idea to start this I assume you have an idea how to proceed. Find some people with messed up credit. It shouldn't be hard. Go to to the car dealers, real estate agents, mortgage lenders , anyone that lends money. They probably have a list of people that have credit issues and will be motivated to get them resolved. Good luck.

Ramon Said:

How can you repair your credit after an foreclosure?

We Answered:

This is tough. Is there a possibility that you can file bankruptcy instead? In most bankruptcy cases you can keep your home. A foreclosure is more damaging than bankruptcy. It will take years to repair your credit. Try to save your house first.

Pauline Said:

How long does it take to repair credit on your own, as opposed to having someone like careone help?

We Answered:

you can see a change within a year if you follow a budget and pay your bills on time. you can negotiate interest rates with credit cards and do everything a credit counseling service could do. Minus the cost. Just invest some time. Most credit counseling services claim to be non-profit but charge money every month. Also, it looks horrible on your credit report to have a service take care of your bills. do it yourself.

Jenny Said:

how to repair your own credit?

We Answered:

Сredit repair workеd fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service - Your Ad Here

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