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Julian Said:

Is "Man Wrecks His Credit for Girlfrd" a newsworthy headline right up there with "Sun Rises In The Morning"??

We Answered:

That's really sad. I definitely think you should say something--the guy is drowning. He may reject what you say, but it's important to be said. It's also important to say it in a non-judgmental, non-condemnatory way. Don't attack him or the girlfriend. Just mention how worrisome this is, and that you're sure that she'll be understanding when he tells her he's got to start paying attention to his credit and rein things in. That any responsible, loving, caring girlfriend will understand this. And that you'll be there for him. Let him fill in the connections between her character and her reaction to his credit problem.

I'm unclear, though: did you read this whole question on fatwallet, or are you telling this story because of something similar you saw on fatwallet?

April Said:

Which is the best credit repair software package out there?

We Answered:

Credit Repair is based on reviewing the items that are reporting on your credit report, and seeing if they comply with various state and federal laws, including but not limited to the FCRA, FACTA, FDCPA, HIPAA, SSCRA. A professional credit consultant will guide you through the intense process of battling the credit reporting agency's to prove their compliance with the law. I suggest you contact a law firm to work on any items of concern. All items that are reporting on your credit file must be reporting 100% accurate information that is reporting within the legally allowable time frames, that is also VERIFIABLE. Often items that are appearing are not verifiable, or 100% accurate, therefore by law they must be corrected or removed. Items that are in fact yours however, are reporting incorrect info can have a significant negative impact on your score therefore you should battle to have the information corrected or removed.

Keep in mind, whether you choose a law firm or credit specialist all of the work they will do will be work that you can do on your own. However their experience and expertise is likely to get things done alot faster than you would on your own. Compare it to doing your own mechanical work on your car- you can do that BUT a mechanic will get the job done more efficiently (most of the time)

Most importantly if you decide to hire an expert, don't pay any fees in advance. Credit repair IS legal, and is governed by the FTC through the Credit Repair Organizations Act, commonly known as CROA. Contained within CROA is a section which states, that no credit repair organization may charge for a service before the service has been completed.

In reference to software. Software would be a tool for you to manage the process, and is likely a helpful tool BUT no software will know what is incorrect, or be able to interpret the law. Credit Repair Software will be useful to track and manage your progress, and assist in expediting the letter creation process.

I hope this was helpful to you!

Larry Said:

what is the best option for credit repair legally if self help doesn't work but only confuses?

We Answered:

You've taken the first step my admitting you need help, so congratulations. Check out - they will put you in touch with a credit repair consultant who will evaluate your needs and set you on the right path. The consultation is free and to answer your question, the service is completely legal.

Best of luck!

Edith Said:

credit repair any suggestions?

We Answered:

They can do nothing YOU can not do unless laziness prohibits you becoming involved in FIXING something you messed up, your credit.

Get all three credit reports and go over each one at a time. Dispute errors, IN YOUR OWN words not some letter you find on the inernet, then go on to the next report and do the same.

You can negotiate pay to deletes in some cases with the collection agency/creditor but this must be given to you in writing before a dime is paid.

That is ALL a credit repair place can do.

Also stay away from canned letters such as those crammed down your throat on the afore mentioned site. Never use a form letter your creditors know the law all you have to do is expalin your case in your own words.

Kathy Said:

How can i email my web site to potential customers without,?

We Answered:

A couple things you'll want to do here. Get a free traffic report at…

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