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Lonnie Said:

Can you help me describe the effects of taxation and price controls on the economy?

We Answered:

Is the tax levied on producers or consumers?
Really it is levied on consumers.

How does the tax affect supply and or demand?
Tobacco is drogue, and that simulate a basic necessity, then tobacco is not affected by taxes.

How does the tax affect the equilibrium price and quantity?
In one society that there are not real right status, if price will increase maybe producer give less minus tobacco for the same price.

In this market (tobacco) describe a hypothetical situation where a price ceiling or floor could be imposed. What implications would this have for the market?

If the project that converts tobacco in medicine will make a reality, this market will increase a lot.

If tobacco continue been unhealthy more and more overtax will activate in the future.

Norman Said:

Help me for a debate-session I have on: Immigration reform, taxation and education?

We Answered:


you cannot tax yourself to prosperity.
taxes belong to the people paying the tax, not the government that took them.


rarely is an educated man poor


if a person immigrates legally, this usually indicates that the person will abide the law, illegal immigrants (illegal aliens) have demonstrated the inability to obey the law.

illegal aliens are subject to the same abuse as slaves were.
illegal aliens take jobs that have historically been unionized. Why would a company willingly pay union wages is an illegal is willing to work for a fraction of the prevailing wage.

open borders invite attack.

Kathryn Said:

Importance of taxation and subsidies in modern business?

We Answered:

Have you though about this at all?

1. Taxation and subsidies are completely different issues, with almost nothing in common.

2. How is "modern business" different from other business? The U.S. has had taxes and subsidies since its founding, hundreds of years ago. England has had them longer.

3. Do you really want a steel mill or coal burning power plant next door belching smoke and poisoning the local water? If not, why do you have to ask about regulation?

4. Have you tried doing a web search on any of this? How about "government subsidies hurt", "government subsidies help", or "government regulation?

5. Have you tried Wikipedia?

Byron Said:

I have completed please help me to suggest good diploma courses in accounts and taxation?

We Answered:

consult a C.A institute near u in ur city they may have vast details

Marc Said:

CAPITAL ALLOWANCES help for taxation in UK?

We Answered:…

Kyle Said:

Thesis paper on "No taxation without representation" HELP!?

We Answered:

The statement is as many times, merely a battle cry. We had representation which was simply ineffective. In fact Franklin himself travel Europe and represented the US in many locations, most famously France, however he also spoke in England.

How the root cause of the turmoil, was the laws that would not allow us to manufacture from our own natural resources, the requirements to ship all production to England for handling, the laws that where handed down from England and other local conflicts.

As each "problem" was regional, the Founding Fathers created a catch line "No taxation without representation" instead of the more true statement "No taxation without effective representation"

Keep in mind also the idea of the "Divine Right of Kings" was under question throughout Europe at this time. Hence the idea of separation was fueled and "politically correct" reasons had to be sold to the public.

The same tactical plans where used during the Revolutionary war. Your Ad Here

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