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Kristin Said:

What is the objective behind framing gender specific laws if human rights is the agenda?

We Answered:

there is always an underclass, we are witnessing the creation of the new one

gender war is really only a conflict/construct that we have been given. the purpose is the hasten the shift from the support/taxpayer economy to full participation in taxation.

Jo, only because of our anti discrimination laws, if the bill had got through in its intended state, men and boys would have been excluded.

Angel Said:

What do you think about executive orders, as opposed to the legislative branch alone writing our laws?

We Answered:

No taxation without representation. One man sitting in the White House can't, shouldn't and WON'T make my laws. It's not fair and it's not proper. As a matter of fact, it's called a dictatorship.

Raul Said:

What is the The Taxation Laws Amendment (2006 Measure No. 1) Bill 2006 all about?

We Answered:

The Treasurer today announced improvements to the taxation arrangements for temporary residents which will give Australia one of the most competitive expatriate taxation regimes in the world.

A foreign source income tax exemption for temporary residents was introduced into Parliament twice in 2002, but failed to pass the Senate because of Labor Party opposition. The Government announced it would re-introduce the measure in the 2005-06 Budget.

The Taxation Laws Amendment (2006 Measure No. 1) Bill 2006 (the Bill) introduced today implements that announcement but goes further than the previously blocked legislation which was to apply a tax exemption to a temporary resident for a period of 4 years, only if the temporary resident had not been an Australian resident within the previous 10 years.

The Government will now remove these time limits as they provide unnecessary disincentives and distortions for individuals wishing to remain working in Australia. The measure will now apply to holders of a temporary visa (excepting those who are directly or indirectly treated as residents for social security purposes).

Holders of a temporary visa will not be taxed on foreign source income. They will continue to be taxed on all Australian source income and salary and wages generally, including income from employee shares or rights.

Further, capital gains taxation of temporary residents will be aligned with non-residents. The combination of these changes will also ensure that the capital gains tax rules for departing residents do not apply to temporary residents.

The changes will significantly reduce administrative and compliance costs. It will also further reduce the cost to Australian businesses of employing expatriates.

The Government is committed to assisting businesses to access the skilled labour needed to compete internationally. These significant improvements have been welcomed in consultation with business and taxpayer representatives.

16 February 2006

Misty Said:

Would a Masters of Taxation degree still be valuable if the tax laws drastically changed?

We Answered:

Yes, because you'd still have a basic understanding of how the tax code generally works as well as the underlying theories behind taxation.

Plus you've still got the Master's degree.

Willie Said:

What are the laws/requirements to operate a US based social network site or game site internationally?

We Answered:

if u go to europe, it depends on the individual europen country and some EU regs.
if in Asia - its still less regulated.
some countries dont have double taxation laws. but usa has it. so the profits u make in other countries are still taxable.
if u open a separate entity say, in HK, singapore, then u have to abide by their rules and pay their taxes but not usa.
many countries have double taxation rules with usa. u got to check with the treasury but u will be sent fr pillar to post. best to get an international finance lawyer

Philip Said:

Do you know where I can find Australian taxation law resources?

We Answered:

Most on line services are subscription only and as they are aimed at the professionals they are not cheap!.
CCH, Australia, law book co, Thompson & legal, are all good sources of taxation material and lawbook (at least a few years ago when I last looked) used to have some really good reporting and updating services as well as general reference. You would be able to get CCH phone number via telstra directory assistance and possibly the others as well. Check out the library at your nearest tertiary institution (particularly Uni) as they usually stock various accounting mags and there should be adds in some of them for the services you are looking for. The ATO Law site will have all the existing tax law material as well as the latest and greatest in whats going on in the tax world. You could also try fishing around the Fed govt site site [students section] particularly the "Guides" link then "E-resources".

Emma Said:

What are the long-term effects of the penal laws, absentee landlords, and unrestrained taxation on Ireland?

We Answered:

The English had policies that were aimed at depopulating Ireland of the native (Catholic) Irish. The examples you cite are all part of that philosophy. The effects were massive starvation in Ireland, migration from Ireland to the United States, and a continuing resentment of English colonialism. Your Ad Here

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maukava said:

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