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Veracity Credit Repair

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Anthony Said:

credit score??

We Answered:

It really depends on why it is low. Veracity is a credit repair service. Yes, they do charge, but my clients have had great success using them. They counsel you on how to improve your scores, they also take action to remove any incorrect or outdated information off your report. I had one client of mine that raised her score by 30 points in one month.

IF you want to know if you need this, you can contact a lender, and see if you qualify now, and what they require for you to qualify. Some programs (such as FHA) aren't as driven by FICO scores. So, if you simply don't have much credit, which can cause your score to be low, there are programs for you, or they will consider your telephone bill or electric bill as part of your credit. Your Ad Here

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