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Bad Credit Reporting

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Sara Said:

How do I remove a bad credit report?

We Answered:

Sad but true, one unpaid bill can easily have an adverse affect on someone's credit history.

If the bill is only for $13 this could have been an oversight and in the event that your daughter can prove that the bill was paid ie) bank statement showing date and amount, cancelled cheque, etc...
then this is easily disputable.

The other thing she can do is contact the cell phone company and ask them for a pay for delete, whereby once she pays the outstanding $13 they will have the negative account removed from her credit report.

In case you intend on contacting an ombudsman about it you'll need to get your jargon right. Your daughter has a defaulted/oustanding account with Orange not a bad credit report. The report is what the credit bureaus produce not the merchant.

Here's some ombudsman info

Agnes Said:

How do I force creditor to erase bad reporting on my credit report?

We Answered:

Unfortunately you will need your lawyer to speak to the creditor on your behalf. The judge will most likely side with you, if you can prove that it is your ex-husband's bills that caused the low credit score.

Arthur Said:

Is it legal for a bank to report bad credit info 3 years later without reporting the good payment history?

We Answered:

It's a valid debt, so they have a right to put it on your report. The fact that they didn't report it for 3 years was just lucky for you.

Brittany Said:

How can I pay bills when I can't find a descent job because of bad credit reports?

We Answered:

try a work at home job to pay the bills while you search for a good job. try looking here for something to pay the bills temporarily. the online survey thing sounds the most promising to me. as soon as i turn 18 i'm signing up for a bunch of these to help pay for whatever college i end up going to.

Valerie Said:

does a bad credit report can affect your ability to file a petition for a relative to be an immigrant of USA?

We Answered:

no, they don't do credit checks. they only look at your income. Your Ad Here

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bestessays discounts said:

Well, you cannot remove the history but by paying your bills on time you can make the next report good and further it will help you more. So be consistent in paying your bills on time. I am sure it will help.