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Correcting Credit Report

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Brad Said:

should I find a lawer to correct my credit report or I can do it by myself? How long will take?

We Answered:

?redit repair work?d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -

Scott Said:

I reported my credit card for fraud, and the bank put a derogatory mark on my credit report. Is that correct?

We Answered:

Yes, the notation is correct...but it's not a black mark against just shows what happened with the status of the account.

That is not factored into your score in any way.

That is the common notation on credit reports, when a card is cancelled due to being lost/stolen.

Clifford Said:

how do I correct my credit report?

We Answered:

Really your only option now is to wait 30-90 days and dispute the listing, as it's unlikely the collection agency will have kept the records or bother spending the time to verify a paid collection.

You can also try sending the collection agency a "goodwill letter" but the chances of success there are rather slim.

Ronald Said:

Bank Did Not Pull Correct Credit Report?

We Answered:

They might not have looked at Equifax, did you correct it on all three credit bureaus? Did they tell you they only looked at Equifax?

If the time between applications was over 30-days they are required to pull a new report, if it was not they are not. Sounds like bad communication to me.

Randall Said:

Correcting Credit Report?

We Answered:

Write a letter to the top 3 credit reporting agencies with the correct information. Include your name, DOB, SS# and address. Your Ad Here

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