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Credit Fraud Reporting

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Velma Said:

planning on suing for fraud credit reporting?

We Answered:

It depends on if you signed anything that said they would do a credit check on you before offering you service. A lot of the service people just casually say this and that won't happen only to have the actual office do otherwise. Call the customer service department of the alarm company and speak to a supervisor and ask them if it's common practice to do a credit check on their customers. If so, ask him/her to explain to you where you would have had to agree to this and check it against your paper work. If they had no permission to do this then yes you can take this up with the credit bureau.

Bernard Said:

Rewards for credit card for reporting fraud?

We Answered:

The reward for reporting fraud on your own account is not having to pay the bill. If you don't report fraud, then you are responsible to pay the bill.

Tyler Said:

How do you prove Identity Fraud to all 3 Credit Reporting Agencies?

We Answered:

One way of proving you werent living there is come up with proof of residence that says otherwise. For instance if you are renting have that person write you something noterized stating that you have lived there at such n such place for this amount of time. Also, attendance records from your job so you can say i lived here and went to work here... how could i possibly be over there? If you really didnt do anything.. the law is structured where you can prove you were defrauded. You may also have to file a police report at some time staing that your indentity was used in a ill manner. Best of luck to you...

Anita Said:

What is the statute of limitations on reporting credit card fraud in Arizona?

We Answered:

The statute of limitations is the amount of time that passes between the alleged act, and he time that charges are filed or an indictment is handed down. As a rule, and you can check your state specifically, felonies (non violent) have an SoL of 2 to 5 years.

If you feel that you were a victim of credit card fraud, contact law enforcement, they will be able to tell you immediately.

Regina Said:

I need help with reporting credit report fraud!!!! Someone is using my social security number w/o me knowing!!

We Answered:

1. File a police report
2. File a report with the Federal Trade Commission
3) Place a freeze on all 3 credit bureaus
4. Dispute the charges with the credit bureau(s)
5. Dispute the charges with the dentist & satellite company
6. Sue the dentist & the satellite companies Your Ad Here

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