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Credit Reporting Fraud

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Hazel Said:

Hi how would i go about reporting someone that i know who is doing credit card fraud?

We Answered:

You can call the police and the credit bureaus, although the police are likely to have more of an impact and act first. You're right to want to report this, however, and you should act fast before more people lose money. You can call the police and choose to remain anonymous.

Alicia Said:

I can't view my credit report after putting a fraud alert. help?

We Answered:

When you placed an initial fraud alert on your credit report, you're entitled to order one free credit report from each of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies. You should receive letters from the the credit reporting companies that you will have to fill out and send back to get your reports.

Timothy Said:

Credit Report question on reporting a bad(fraud) debt?

We Answered:

1. you can challenge the item in your credit report. write the 3 reporting agencies disputing the item. they must investigate and send you a written response as to if valid or remove it.
2. if this continues, notify your state AG or consumer affairs office.
3.don't know if there is a limit.
4. you can request all documents that pertain to the item owed. Your Ad Here

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