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Federal Law Credit Report

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Claude Said:

after paying on a collection account- is it against Federal law for the collection place to remove off credit?

We Answered:

?redit repair work?d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -

Heather Said:

How do I get the Free Credit Report as provided by Federal Law?

We Answered:, all the other sights charge you a fee to see them.

Roy Said:

Federal Tax Lien issue on credit report?

We Answered:

No, the IRS Tax Lien will not drop off your credit report until seven years pass, and you may have to notify the credit bureaus after that elapsed time to stop reporting it. Tax liens, are not as damaging as other credit issues, but coupled with other bad credit they look worse. These type of liens are on public record and will actually never be removed from the court records, they just won't be reported after seven full years. After about six months from when you paid it, your credit scores will hardly be effected at all. I have had several and that is all I ever have that was negative and my scores are close to 800. Don't worry, just make sure you keep everything else up to date, and paid timely.

Francisco Said:

credit bureaus are mandated by federal law to correct reports?

We Answered:

i hope you are in US.

i am in India & i had a credit card for two years. on a deficiency in their services i opted out by settling the entire dues and enclosed the broken card along with the payment.

but even after the settling the full amount i was recieiving futher statements showing new charges dated three weeks later. i refused pay stating that i have alredy sent the broken card and demanded for the charge slip authenticated by me.

they never bothered and added further charges and statements sent to my adress with late payment fees and finance charges. this episode was going on for 15 months.

meantime i have written to authorities and customer care and no response.

they constantly harrassed me over telephone for payment.

while explained the facts they said ok leave it. we will put your detils in the defaulters list in cibil ( credit information bureau of india ltd.)

finally two days back i paid the amount demanded to escape from the credi bereau defalt listing though i am not liable to pay.

because there is no no law to contest cibil by an aggrieved

is it not atrocious?

Debra Said:

Where can I get my credit report?

We Answered: - try this site. I use it to monitor my credit and also cleaned off some bad items from my credit report. You can apply for free initial plan and get your scores and reports for free. Your Ad Here

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