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Fix Bad Credit Report

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Russell Said:

How do I fix my bad credit?

We Answered:

You need to listen to this guy on radio, or better yet, call him. He WILL help you and not treat you like a low life. Good Luck!!

Gertrude Said:

How I should fix bad credit report repair within one month to an acceptable level?

We Answered:


Charles Said:

How do you fix bad credit when you've never had a credit card?

We Answered:

A collection is a collection, paid or not. Paying these debts will restart the date of last activity and will prolong the time that they stay on your credit report. Ex - if these collections are 3 years old, they are schedule to fall of in 4 years (2011), if you pay them now the 7 year clock restarts due to new activity and they will stay on your credit report until 2014.

The damage is done, why prolong it.

Start building credit. Get a credit card, make normal purchases (gas, food, etc...) and pay the balance in full every month. You will increase your credit score.

Steve Said:

where to go or how to remove bad credit from your credit report.How can I remove something from credit report

We Answered:

you can remove incorect info on a report if the creditor does not respond to credit bureu dispute. you can have negative wrong info corrected, this can be done online and for free.

you should try to pay off and or consoladate the bills the work to have nuetral info reported when it is payed.

there are 4 major credit agencies and a number of small ones.

smaple letters as well as most contact info and tips on how to work through rebuilding and repairing credit can be found in this ebook…

Patrick Said:

what i could do to fix this credit report?

We Answered:

If you are listed as an authorized user (this would be indicated by the "au" notation on your credit report), then the CRA's recognize that you are not legally bound to pay the debt.

If he opened the account and listed you as "joint" account holder, then you are responsible for the debt as well as he is and this hurts your credit.

Authorized users are reported as well as the primary account holder is. Your best bet is to have your name removed from the account and turn in the credit card to the issuing bank.

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