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Fix Your Credit Report

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Matthew Said:

best and fastest way to fix your credit report?

We Answered:

Pay your bills on time and dispute any incorrect items on your credit report. Even if you know that a bad debt is yours, you can still try to dispute it with the credit bureaus - some companies keep bad records and will delete the information because they can't prove a bad dept.

Audrey Said:

How can you fix bad credit, can you wait it out until it disappears off your credit report?

We Answered:

DaMan's answer is absolutely correct.

The only thing I could add is to dispute all of the negative items on your credit history. The Credit Reporting Agency is required to investigate all disputes. If the creditor fails to respond to a dispute investigation the item is deleted automatically. Other then that, it stays on your history.

But by doing the other things that DaMan mentions, your credit will start showing improvements fairly soon. Not great, but it will help.

Audrey Said:

what is the best way to fix your credit report?

We Answered:

I think don't apply for credit much and pay all your bills on time! GOOD LUCK! bye now

Max Said:

What's the best way to fix your credit report? I've tried those law frims but nothing happened for six months.

We Answered:

I did too! I have worked with two credit repair companies. First with Lexington Law, and let me tell you, they were terrible. They charge you a monthly fee, so they take their sweet time. I finally got fed up and canceled.

A friend referred me to another company, Unified Credit Services - - and they were great. Their work is legit and they get it done quickly. I wouldn't recommend any other company.

Howard Said:

What is the best and easiest way to fix your credit report?

We Answered:

It takes time and effort. There are no quick fixes. The basic rules are pay on time, pay more then minimum, do not exceed credit limit, keep your ratio of debt to available credit at 30% or below.
Do No apply for too much credit, this places what the CRA's call a "hard inquiry" which lowers your score and stays on your report for 2 years.

If there are accounts in collections that are NOT yours, then dispute them to have them removed.

There are far too many other suggestions but here is a free link to read more about you and your credit and remember "it is free advice" from the FTC
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