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Free Online Credit Report No Credit Card Required

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Norma Said:

best credit card to use if...?

We Answered:

Credit cards have become a necessity in society nowadays, you can't go anywhere without having to use one. That's why it's imperative to maintain a good<!--credit rating and use your credit card smart. Lots of credit card related question been asked here and yours just another one. Check it out this website, hope it helps.

After all, without a credit card, it's harder to live, and especially hard to shop online. Lots of credit card related questions are often being asked and yours is just another one. Credit cards are great to use as long as you control them-->They are useful, helpful, and make buying things a whole lot easier. But it's important to remember that people go into thousands of dollars of debt because of them, and the same thing could happen to you

Ana Said:

What do you think of this email i just recieved from an old friend?

We Answered:

Good Ideas.
One big flaw...If the user of the stolden ID looks like you & they have your credit card & ID, then writing "PHOTO ID REQUIRED" won't do any good. There is a BIG NETWORK/Theft RING that does nothing but matching the stolen ID's to the person in need of that ID (usually an illegal or Felon), for purposes of fraud for employment, government benefits, & to show authorities. Some are even arrested & serve jail time with your name & SS#! The only way to ID yourself as the person who did NOT commit the crime is with your FINGERPRINTS!

Everyone who has lost or "misplaced" their ID, or suspects foul play, should ask the Social Security Office for a PRINTOUT to see if anyone is using your SS# for purposes of employment. Some employers don't know the hired help is using a stolden ID & #!
In the middle column, scroll down to the last heading title (bold black letters),
"Get Help with your Situation", then click onto
"More Situations", then go to bottom of page & click onto 2nd to the last heading title,
"Are you a victim of Identity Theft" for more info.

Sandra Said:

Where can I get a credit report that is 100% FREE?

We Answered:

Also be prepared to answer some security questions about certain accounts that are chosen randomly.

But the first responder is correct.

Kristen Said:

Free Online Credit Report..........?

We Answered:

The only thing you won't get at this website is your credit score. that costs 10 bucks, but the rest is free and I didn't need a credit card. You can choose the agency to get your report from (out of the three major ones), and you can get one free report per year PER REPORTING AGENCIES. this means that you can get one today, one in 4 months, and another in 4 months and not pay a dime.

Douglas Said:

do you know who to call if your wallet is stolen?

We Answered:

Hey Barbara, thank you so much for this information. I am going to print a copy of this and keep it in a handy place for further reference.

Sue Said:

free credit report. no credit card there such a site.?

We Answered:
can be printed, or mailed. no cc needed, so don't enter one if it asks for it. I use this site and have yet to pay for a copy. Your Ad Here

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