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Peggy Said:

I just looked at my credit report...?

We Answered:

If you were over 18 when the services were rendered, you are responsible for the medical bills. Regardless of what you and your mother told the hospital. If you were under 18, then it should be removed because you were not of age to contract and your mother would be responsible.

The best way to handle this is to write to each of the three major bureaus, Trans Union, Experian and EquiFax, disputing the debt as "not mine" if you were under 18. I would include proof of your age at the time services were rendered if it shows you were a minor.

Now if you were over 18, you could dispute the date of services, the amount owed or any other factors that may be inaccurate. The hospital has 30 days to verify the information as accurate. I have to tell you that this is probably an uphill battle for you. Because if the information IS accurate, nobody can legitimately have it removed.

As for most people's scores, I have never seen a perfect score. An "average" score is in the mid to high six hundreds. Credit bureaus have to give you a free credit report every year, but can charge you for your scores. Also, those credit reports that include all three bureaus may give you a score, but they are never accurate. The system has really turned ino a major rip off.

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