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How To Get Credit Reports

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Patrick Said:

I get emails about free credit reports and I just wanted to know if I have anything to worry about?

We Answered:

The website to use is, not

Samuel Said:

How can I get my free credit reports online?

We Answered:

if you are looking for the free credit report and score usa national website, check out this site

Here you can see your 3-in-1 Report from all three credit reporting agencies and your credit score.

Terry Said:

Exactly how do I get free credit reports from the 3 major credit reporting companies?

We Answered:

The easiest way is through

This is the government mandated website where you can get ABSOLUTELY FREE credit report (won't even ask for your credit card number) from the 3 credit report agencies. You can get 1 free credit report per year (but you can't get credit score)

Melanie Said:

How can you get a Bankruptcy off your credit reports sooner than 10 years?

We Answered:

I would suggest you start by visiting

Note that this is a commercial site, and I have nothing to do with it. But they also have a lot of free info, and a lot of free newsletters that you can read. If you do your homework here, you can lay the groundwork on improving your credit early.

It will take 10 years for this to drop off your report. But do NOT believe these people who say your credit is destroyed the entire time. I've worked with people who filed bankruptcy, and within two years they have a credit score of 680 (good, but not excellent), and they are able to get loans and credit cards. There is NO secret to this, just do your homework and be prepared.

All of the information you need is readily available on the internet. Also check out for more good info.

Stephen Said:

If I order 3 credit reports, how many points will I get knocked down?

We Answered:

Actually, you can request your credit reports as many times as you like without any effect to your credit (FICO) score. I would suggest you call or write to each individual Credit Reporting Agency to request your report. I am not a fan of the "Annual Free Credit Report", especially if your wanting to start repairing your credit.
If you have recently been denied credit, have had an adverse change in your credit, or are receiving certain types of govt assistance you may be entitled to free reports through the CRA's. Your Ad Here

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