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How To Report Credit Card Fraud

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Bill Said:

How to report a neighbor committing credit card fraud?

We Answered:

I would talk to mu local police department.

Kent Said:

How do I report credit card fraud when my credit card company won't help me?

We Answered:

I don't see how they could of withdrew the money from an ATM without knowing your PIN number. Was your PIN with your card.

Jose Said:

how long do i have to report unauthorized credit card fraud to the police?

We Answered:

You can report anything to the police at any time. If you don't want to pay for the charges, you must file a WRITTEN report with the CARD ISSUER within 60 days of the first statement on which the charges appeared. That rule is a FEDERAL law and applies nationwide.

Jackie Said:

how do i report credit card fraud??

We Answered:

You start by filing a police report. Then go to the federal trade commission website and fill out an affidavit for fraud. Then contact all three credit bureaus and contest the validity of the debt. Send them a copy of the police report. If the credit card has gone into collections look at the back of the collections letter for information how to contest the debt. Do not pay anyone anything or agree to any type of repayment. What has occurred to your husband is a crime and should be treated accordingly. If your husband knows who may have committed the fraud it should be listed on the police report. As far as the credit card company goes keep asking for the paperwork, mail everything certified, if the credit card is through a local bank go to the branch and complain. Also if the credit card company refuses to mail the paperwork complain to the card management company call VISA, MasterCard or whom ever issues the card and also explain your situation.

Katrina Said:

how soon after u file a fraud report with ur bank 4 credit card fraud is the arrest made if they know the pers

We Answered:

normally, a copy of said report will go to the state prosecutors office. a warrant for arrest will be issued by a judge, and given to the police dept or sherrifs office. at that point, the officers will attempt an arrest.

Joshua Said:

how to report someone for credit card fraud?

We Answered:

Per your update: Are you sure that her husband is not a joint or authorized user on the account? If he is then he is entitled to use the card. If he is not then he should not be using the card. Maybe the best way is to send a copy of your mother's death certificate to the credit card company to make them aware that the cardholder is deceased and that the account should be closed.
Local police departments really don't get involved in white collar crimes like this...unless there are multiple instances of fraud being committed against people in their district. If you just make a hearsay allegation, then they really don't have any power to investigate.

Credit card companies have fraud departments....make an anonymous phone call to them if you are sure that someone is committing fraud...If they determine that this is fraud, then they will take action.

Randy Said:

How do you report credit card fraud to the police?

We Answered:

First, report the fraud to your credit card company. They will typically reimburse you for charges that you did not authorize, provided that you report the activity promptly. Credit card companies often investigate fradulent credit card use internally (it costs THEM money).

If you want to make a police report, and can determine where the crime occured, look up the non-emergency phone number for the police department that covers where the card was used. These numbers are in the phone book, available via 4-1-1 and are usually on-line as well. Your Ad Here

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