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Online Credit Report Repair

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Phyllis Said:

How quickly will my credit be restored?

We Answered:

You will get a response from the credit bureaus on the disputes within 45 days. If your name is now removed as authorized user on the accounts, the credit card companies won't verify and it may only take a couple weeks.

As soon as the items are removed, your score will be corrected. However, you may find that removing those two accounts actually lowers your score. Even tho they are maxed out and have late payments now, the years of previous good payment history were positive factors in your score. It is possible that removing the good will hurt your score more than the negatives.

Regina Said:

how do i get a free credit report when i;ve never had a credit card?

We Answered:
This site offers 100% free credit reports - No registration for credit monitoring services or credit card required.
By law, you're allowed one free report per bureau, once every 12 months.

Brett Said:

How do I go about paying off debts to collection agencies?

We Answered:

First of all, never pay a collection agency unless you have no other option . THey are all crooks.
You need to read up on your state laws and the FCRA and FDCPA.

Pull all three credit reports and compare them. Find any violations and document them for a lawsuit later. Free money.

Some dummy keeps saying that contacting CAs, or whoever will reset the seven year limit that a baddie stays on your report.

That is not true. Making a payment on a debt can reset the SOL, but, unless you bring the account current, the seven years starts from the date of delinquency where the account was never brought current afterwards +180 days.

You can also negotiate a PFD (Pay for delete) with the Collection Agencies. Make sure you get it in writing.

Educate yourself before you do anything!

Jerry Said:

How to repair my credit?

We Answered:

You should have negotiated a pay for delete for those medical and utility bills. You pay $x and they remove the item from your credit file. This would have helped your credit score. As it stands, those derogatory items should show paid but will remain on your credit file for the balance of the 7 year reporting period. Of course, paid old debt looks better to creditors than unpaid.

You may have to get a secured credit card -- you pay a deposit which is held as collateral for the line of credit. Use the credit card and pay it in full every month. After a year, you can probably convert it to a regular credit card account.

It's going to take at least 24 months of consistent, on-time payment history to even begin to improve your score.

Lucy Said:

Credit repair?

We Answered:

Once an item is removed from the credit report the Fair Credit Billing Act moves into effect. Just like the bureaus have 30 days to verify a debt or remove it, the FCBA begins another 30 day period where creditors have that time to verify the debt and provide proof to the credit bureaus. Then, by law, the bureaus have one week to send you a letter advising you that it has been put back on. If the above criteria are not met, the trade line is removed from your report forever.

edit- Also, don't ever dispute online. The check box that you checked signed away your rights under the FCRA. It says that you may not dispute the item again without further proof. That is NOT the protection laid out for you in the FCRA. Always dispute by mail. Just FYI. Your Ad Here

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