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Report Credit Card Fraud

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Cindy Said:

How do you report POSSIBLE Credit card fraud?

We Answered:

contact the credit card companies. I would also look into some kind of credit monitoring company that would monitor your credit so you don't have you identity stolen. Check out this Identity theft shield.

Lloyd Said:

How do you report credit card fraud?

We Answered:

If you lose your credit card or if you realize it's been lost or stolen, immediately call the issuer. Many companies have toll-free numbers and 24-hour service to deal with such emergencies. By law, once you report the loss or theft, you have no further responsibility for unauthorized charges. In any event, your maximum liability under federal law is $50 per card.

If you suspect credit card fraud, you may be asked to sign a statement under oath that you did not make the purchase(s) in question.

You will need to contact your credit card company - they will walk you through the procedure. THey should immediately put a block on your file and report it to the exception files. They may ask you for an affidavit or a police statement. If you're concerned that they're giving you the run-around, you should read up on your rights as a consumer:…

Sarah Said:

Where do we report Fraud Credit Card Transactions?

We Answered:

You need to contact your credit card co. and Pay Pal if you found it there

Stacy Said:

Where can I report something like credit card fraud?

We Answered:

There isn't a state agency that handles that - you could try contact the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Trans Union) to see what procedures they have for a case like this. Your Ad Here

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