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Jeremy Said:

Better your credit score agencies, ARE THEY SCAMMERS OR REAL?

We Answered:


The only real way to better your score is to do a better job and wait.

There are several groups that will help you get your act together for free. To find a legitimate counselor, contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at or call 1-800-388-2227.

Just about everything else is a scam.

The idea that "magic" will fix your score "tomorrow" is a lie.

If you pull your accounts at all three credit agencies and find any errors, get those corrected and you will have your faster, easiest, biggest fix.

Everything else is organization, work, and time.

Eduardo Said:

how come the 3in1 credit score, doesn't have the same score with the orginal agencies?

We Answered:

Because the 3 in 1 uses data from all 3 credit bureaus to compile a score. However, each bureau has different data on their reports. So the score with each individual bureau will be different.

Howard Said:

Some credit agencies proclaim get free credit score repairing consultancy to start process. Is that worthy?

We Answered:

The most efficient way to get help in your credit reporting is to visit following website I hope it will be helpful for you.

Claudia Said:

Credit Agencies and FICO Score?

We Answered:

FICO is a special formula used to get your real credit score, no one else except or someone who you apply for a loan with can give it to you.

Jesus Said:

Is the credit score 688 for one of the credit Agencies good?

We Answered:

Credit score as follow:

Excellent 750-840
Good 660-749
Fair 620-659
Poor 300-619

Kyle Said:

how can I contact the credit agencies for my credit score for free without trying someones business?

We Answered:

I believe the only website the provides GENUINE "FICO" SCORES (as opposed to "FAKO", which are basically estimated guesses) is

You do have to pay for your score, but there is a CURRENTLY coupon code (advertised on the front page) for 25% off (normally you can find one for 15%)

Below, I've provided information about getting your REPORT,which I thought was the question until I reread it (which was unfortunately after I wrote this longwinded answer)

The website you want to go to is

You can make this request from them once per year.


If you dispute anything that's on your credit report, if there are changes made to it, they will send you an updated copy at no charge. I personally try to frequently maintain back and forth correspondence so I always have a current one at no charge.

Lastly, if you get a denial letter from a credit application, it will say what companies they received information from that they based their decision on. You have 60 days (I believe from the time when you originally received notification of denial) to request copies of your report from any companies that furnished information upon which the creditor based their decision to deny you.

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